Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Triple Threads Bender

About a month or two ago, the Hotwit and I fell on some hard times, I had to sell a bunch of stuff and I even considered selling a couple Nolan Ryan autos to get us through. I was re-considering my entire collecting strategy. But times have changed and the sun is shining on us once again! We have a new tenant in our home back in Houston and two weeks ago now, my wife got a job here in Alabama after a year of searching!

We decided to split the first couple paychecks as a reward/splurge after all this time to get it out of our systems, and splurge I did... I decided it was time I stick my toe into the deep/high end of the baseball card market. Triple Threads was in my sights. Well, what started as a toe turned into a cannonball. I bought 2 1/2 boxes at my LCS. Do I think I got my money's worth in the end? Most likely not but I did have a hell of a great time busting some cards. Hopefully if this project goes well, we'll be able to do things like this from time to time!

I'm saving the rest of my money for a purchase of a memorabilia item I've had my eyes on, but more on that in a couple of weeks... here's the results of my 5 mini boxes of Triple Threads:

Base Cards:
I like the base card design. Action shots and a non distracting border. The look cool lined up together as well! On to the parallel inserts:
I ended up with quite a haul in my parallels. Lots of superstars, not a "dud" in the lot. Then again, not a single card that fits in my personal collection either.

So that brings us to the hits. We'll start with the "unity" relics/autos...
 Speaking of duds.... yea the best auto in there is Markakis or maybe Fowler, but the Strasburg /36 is pretty nice!

Next up are the relics and future phenom:
Wow, so much better! The Strasburg is #'ed 2/9!!!! Yonder Alonso could be a card to sit on a while and see if he takes off there in San Diego. Ellsbury and Kinsler are nice pick ups. All three of these look great in person and scanning any/all of these hits don't do them justice at all.

Finally, we have the best hit I got in the 2.5 boxes...

Wait for it...

Triple relic...

Triple auto...




Not too shabby at all! I was pretty pumped when this was revealed in my last pack, up until then I was contemplating just running out of the store without paying and never coming back.... haha, just kidding... it was somewhat brutal until this one and I'm glad I got it! It's a great looking card even if they used stickers. I know there's got to be a Braves fan out there who'd love to get their hands on it!

Any and all of the cards in this post are for trade, but please understand that while I'm not asking for a kings ransom on these, I'm also not trying to give them away. I was needing to re-fresh my trade bait and boy did I!!!! If you see anything you're interested in, you know how to get a hold of me!


  1. Good to hear the situation in the Dimwit household is looking up again, enjoy it !!

  2. I'd be willing to discuss any of the White Sox you pulled. Oh wait..... right. :(

  3. Are you looking for anything in particular for the Adam Jones base? I have some Topps Update I could trade for it. Email me at