Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Break for Some Trades!

I figured I'd take a break from COMC material to report on a couple of trades I've received recently...

First up, we have Joe from Joe Average Card Collector. He saw a couple Rockies he was interested in from my Triple Threads bender and he agreed to trade me the following:
I think we can all agree that the artwork on National Chicle was ridiculously bad. But that swatch is ridiculously awesome! Definitely from a Mets jersey and all kinds of dirty/aged/old. Thanks Joe!

Next up, we have Matt from DocHoloday. He also wanted a card from my Triple Threads bender and while I've yet to mail his package (Matt, it's packaged up and sitting on my desk as we speak, may not go out until Friday though, we'll see) I did get his cards in!
A nice JD Martinez unity auto/relic numbered /75! The Jonathan Singleton /199 is pretty nice too! We may see Jonathan on the big league club this coming year or next. JD struggled at times this year but hopefully next year he'll be mashing HR's again and be a productive every day left fielder.

Finally, this one isn't so much a trade as therapy for Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders. And not just because his Tigers ultimately fell to the Giants... but rather because a few months ago the USPS mangled a card he sent me via PWE. Now, I didn't blame him for this at all and repeatedly said it wasn't a problem, sh*t happens, right? But he felt the need to send me another package... Here's the highlights:
Dennis collects a lot of football so he sent me some Texans and then a bunch of random Astros!
The scan is deceiving, this card is a box loader! It's huge! And the auto is freakin' sweet! There is no COA language on the back and I can't really tell but it looks like an actual autograph to me! Thanks Dennis!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Those Chicle Nolan Ryan cards look great. I've never seen them before.

  2. Glad you liked the stuff! The Berkman is in fact a certified auto from 2001 Studio 5x7 autos. I actually have the same one in my PC.

  3. Glad you liked the Ryan card! The jersey looks great on that card! A perfect fit! Thanks again for the trade!

  4. The other day I sent you an e-mail about those cards you have saved for me. Let me know...