Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Break for Some Trades!

I figured I'd take a break from COMC material to report on a couple of trades I've received recently...

First up, we have Joe from Joe Average Card Collector. He saw a couple Rockies he was interested in from my Triple Threads bender and he agreed to trade me the following:
I think we can all agree that the artwork on National Chicle was ridiculously bad. But that swatch is ridiculously awesome! Definitely from a Mets jersey and all kinds of dirty/aged/old. Thanks Joe!

Next up, we have Matt from DocHoloday. He also wanted a card from my Triple Threads bender and while I've yet to mail his package (Matt, it's packaged up and sitting on my desk as we speak, may not go out until Friday though, we'll see) I did get his cards in!
A nice JD Martinez unity auto/relic numbered /75! The Jonathan Singleton /199 is pretty nice too! We may see Jonathan on the big league club this coming year or next. JD struggled at times this year but hopefully next year he'll be mashing HR's again and be a productive every day left fielder.

Finally, this one isn't so much a trade as therapy for Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders. And not just because his Tigers ultimately fell to the Giants... but rather because a few months ago the USPS mangled a card he sent me via PWE. Now, I didn't blame him for this at all and repeatedly said it wasn't a problem, sh*t happens, right? But he felt the need to send me another package... Here's the highlights:
Dennis collects a lot of football so he sent me some Texans and then a bunch of random Astros!
The scan is deceiving, this card is a box loader! It's huge! And the auto is freakin' sweet! There is no COA language on the back and I can't really tell but it looks like an actual autograph to me! Thanks Dennis!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Product Review - Lil' Teammates Collectible Team Set

The great people over at Lil' Teammates have contacted me for another product review after the success of the last review here on the site. This review is for the Lil' Teammates Collectible Team Set!
Please watch the video below for a product opening and display!
UPDATE: I MADE AN ERROR! WE ARE ONLY GIVING AWAY 2 Lil' Teammates prize packs! ONLY 2, I accidentally said 3 in the video. So please, don't kill me if you're the third in the randomization, there are only 2 winners!!!


Ok, so basically those are awesome little dudes and if they stay in the package, I think they'll look great on a shelf as well. But I like playing with my toys so out of the package they came!

Product details:
• Fully licensed  3" tall vinyl figures with rotating head, arms and waist.
• 22 NFL teams to choose from:
• Chicago Bears
• Cincinnati Bengals
• Denver Broncos
• Cleveland Browns
• San Diego Chargers
• Kansas City Chiefs
• Indianapolis Colts
• Dallas Cowboys
• Miami Dolphins
• Philadelphia Eagles
• San Francisco 49ers
• New York Giants
• New York Jets
• Detroit Lions
• Green Bay Packers
• New England Patriots
• Oakland Raiders
• Baltimore Ravens
• Washington Redskins
• New Orleans Saints
• Pittsburgh Steelers
• Minnesota Vikings
MSRP: $24.99

I'll do my normal "Pros & Cons" style review:


  1. Fully licensed: YAY! Gotta love a company who goes through the necessary steps to use all logos!
  2. Articulating: Moveable parts make the toys more fun. 
  3. Size: They are big enough to actually play with, but not so big that they are cumbersome. 
  4. Fun Factor: I just really think they could be a lot of fun for kids, maybe I'm not an expert on this as I don't have any kids, but I think if I were a kid and my parents gave me these, I'd be pretty excited about it!

  1. Price: Personally, I think it's about $6-$8 too high, but then again that's MSRP, not actual retail so maybe you can find them on the market out there for cheaper.
  2. Teams: Why not all 32 teams? Especially for this Texans fan! Not cool. If they had them for my team, I'd probably buy one for display in box, and one to take out of the box. Instead, there are fans of 10 teams who will have no reason to buy them!
  3. The football is attached to both the RB and the QB, I think it would be fun to have it detachable. 
So there you go everyone! I hope you enjoyed this peak at a fun new product! Please remember to enter both contests! Oh yea, and if there are multiple winners of the second contest (my contest) will be used to determine the winner.

Alright, I think I covered all my bases, if you have questions about the contests please e-mail me.

COMC Haul - Day 18 - 2012 Topps Tribute

Here we go with the grand Berkman. The biggest and baddest COMC Berkman that I got this go around. I love it.
Ridiculous. I'm glad they made a card of him in this year's Tribute and glad I waited as long as I did to pick it up. Berkman used the #22 for 34 games as a rookie, even though everyone is pretty familiar with him wearing the number 17. He would have picked #7, but a certain guy named Biggio had that number.

This leads to the question: Do I keep it slabbed? I don't have a binder page to put it in slabbed, but isn't part of the big deal of these cards the fact that they are slabbed? Opinions?

Monday, October 29, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 17 - 2008 Topps Series 1

For some reason, I really like this design. Maybe it's the black and white scheme, the landscape design or the interesting fact on the front...
Your eyes don't deceive you, for some reason my scanner cropped this card funky, it's a little skewed. Homers on September 21st for 7th straight year? Wasn't aware of this at the time it happened but an interesting fun fact for sure! I am too tired to google this morning but I'm curious what the record is for most consecutive years hitting a HR on the same date... one of you OCD fact checkers out there will surely look it up and post it here... haha... I'm usually an OCD fact checker but again, 5:14am is just too dang early and I've been up for half an hour already... I'm going to go insert the caffeine IV before I head off to work.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

COMC Day 16 - Topps Stars

Today we have one of the older cards I got in this haul, 2000 Topps Stars Game Gear game used bat relic. This is back when Topps was still putting the holographic COA on the back of each card. That apparently is too much of a hassle these days...
It's another great looking card, although I do question the star pattern die cut around the bat piece. Just make it a circle Topps, stop being overly and unnecessarily creative, just sayin'.

I think this represents the early years of game-used inclusions into the Topps products so by that standard I'd say they did a pretty good job. The piece is nice too, it's got some texture to it.

Thanks for stopping by, hope these COMC Haul posts aren't getting on your last nerve yet... :-D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 15 - Triple Threads!

I got this one unbelievably cheap... 2011 Triple Threads Unity Relic #/27
There aren't enough good things I could say about this card. I personally love the unity relics. I've heard some people say they are gimmicky or whatnot. But if THIS is the gimmick that Topps throws out that you just pushes you too far, I think you've got bigger problems! Haha! A sweet looking card and glad I was able to add it to my collection!

Only 3 more Berkman cards left...

Friday, October 26, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 14 - Topps Clubhouse

I totally had no clue what set this card came from until I looked it up but it was numbered /99 so I was pretty excited about it.
This is another in the great design group for me. I love the Astros logo in there on the bottom left. The swatch isn't messing up the photo and the background is all refractor-y. May have to look into this Topps Clubhouse set for a break some time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

buckstorecards - Contact Me!

To the owner of the screenname buckstorecards... I have apparently failed in my attempts to contact you via e-mail... Please e-mail me your mailing address, as I still have your cards from the October group break, including this SWEEEEEET David Wright TT card. I know your name, but I can't seem to track down a valid e-mail, so get in touch with me so I can get these cards in the mail!!!!!

The Dimwit

COMC Haul - Day 13 - FEEL THE GAME!!!

I'm not sure what this card does to make me "FEEL THE GAME" but I guess maybe it's being able to feel the jersey swatch, which doesn't actually make me feel the game, but whatever... a nice card nonetheless:
Just seeing the Fleer Ultra logo brings back memories of Fleer and it's various sets. I wasn't collecting when Fleer died out of the market place, so it's fun to go back and pick up cards like this one. And Lance, why so serious? 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 12 - Another Pristine Berkman

Here we go with another Lance Berkman card, this time from 2003 Topps Pristine!
Wow, a great looking card, even more impressive in person. A big chunk of game used bat, high gloss finish and another good action shot of Lance at bat. I like the all lower case lettering after the PRISTINE FACTOR card title.

The stack is dwindling but I'm not even half way done yet with this COMC Haul!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 11 - A Pristine Berkman

I wish Topps was still producing Pristine instead of a couple of their other high enders... but I guess sets come and go and Pristine was one of those that had it's heyday and then moved along.
There are some definitely pros and cons with this card:

  • Pros: Dirty looking swatch, pinstripe, great photo, good design and a note in the corner to let you know what level of rarity you've pulled.
  • Cons: Pristine die-cut logo going across the swatch. I shudder to think how many of those things got torn or damaged by over excited kids, or just in the production process. Anyways, not the greatest idea on that one Topps.
I love that you can see exactly how discolored the jersey swatch is in comparison with the stark white of the rest of the card! Was glad I picked this one up! Stay tuned for more Pristine tomorrow!

Monday, October 22, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 10 - ESPN and Cardboard Combine

I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of these cards was supposed to be... other than to be a gimmicky cross over from ESPN to Upper Deck. What would have been cool is if they set up a site and put a code on the back of the card to unlock exclusive highlight reels, player bios or an archive of stories about the player... but no, just the card...
Authentic Sportscenter Swatches. What does SportsCenter have to do with anything on this card? Who knows... still a cool card of a player who goes down as one of my top 5 all-time favorites. Why is he biting his lower lip though? Odd.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 9 - Gettin' Silky

I normally stick to the GU and autos... but I couldn't pass this one up for the price it was listed for, from 2008 Topps and numbered 18/50:
I'm not sure where Topps came up with the idea of the silk cards, but I am glad they did. This is my second Lance silk, as I also have an A&G silk from 2009. The fact it's a low numbered release out of 50 makes them pretty cool.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Triple Threads Bender

About a month or two ago, the Hotwit and I fell on some hard times, I had to sell a bunch of stuff and I even considered selling a couple Nolan Ryan autos to get us through. I was re-considering my entire collecting strategy. But times have changed and the sun is shining on us once again! We have a new tenant in our home back in Houston and two weeks ago now, my wife got a job here in Alabama after a year of searching!

We decided to split the first couple paychecks as a reward/splurge after all this time to get it out of our systems, and splurge I did... I decided it was time I stick my toe into the deep/high end of the baseball card market. Triple Threads was in my sights. Well, what started as a toe turned into a cannonball. I bought 2 1/2 boxes at my LCS. Do I think I got my money's worth in the end? Most likely not but I did have a hell of a great time busting some cards. Hopefully if this project goes well, we'll be able to do things like this from time to time!

I'm saving the rest of my money for a purchase of a memorabilia item I've had my eyes on, but more on that in a couple of weeks... here's the results of my 5 mini boxes of Triple Threads:

Base Cards:
I like the base card design. Action shots and a non distracting border. The look cool lined up together as well! On to the parallel inserts:
I ended up with quite a haul in my parallels. Lots of superstars, not a "dud" in the lot. Then again, not a single card that fits in my personal collection either.

So that brings us to the hits. We'll start with the "unity" relics/autos...
 Speaking of duds.... yea the best auto in there is Markakis or maybe Fowler, but the Strasburg /36 is pretty nice!

Next up are the relics and future phenom:
Wow, so much better! The Strasburg is #'ed 2/9!!!! Yonder Alonso could be a card to sit on a while and see if he takes off there in San Diego. Ellsbury and Kinsler are nice pick ups. All three of these look great in person and scanning any/all of these hits don't do them justice at all.

Finally, we have the best hit I got in the 2.5 boxes...

Wait for it...

Triple relic...

Triple auto...




Not too shabby at all! I was pretty pumped when this was revealed in my last pack, up until then I was contemplating just running out of the store without paying and never coming back.... haha, just kidding... it was somewhat brutal until this one and I'm glad I got it! It's a great looking card even if they used stickers. I know there's got to be a Braves fan out there who'd love to get their hands on it!

Any and all of the cards in this post are for trade, but please understand that while I'm not asking for a kings ransom on these, I'm also not trying to give them away. I was needing to re-fresh my trade bait and boy did I!!!! If you see anything you're interested in, you know how to get a hold of me!

Lured in by the discounted blaster...

I saw a discounted blaster at Target last night... 2011 Bowman Platinum... for $11.99 why not take a shot at a prospect auto or something... blech... here are the highlights...
You can't win them all... and I certainly didn't with this blaster... if anyone is interested in these, I'd gladly ship off the whole blaster for a card or two from my many want lists...

COMC Haul - Day 8 - Let The Berkmans Begin!

I went a little nuts on Lance Berkman relics, as you kind find them much cheaper now than a couple of years ago when he was in his prime. Now that he's injured and close to retiring, people are unloading their cards I guess. Here's the first of many...
In the current era of super-jumbo-full-card jersey swatches, it's kind of refreshing to have a smaller swatch that actually fits with the design. The card works, the design isn't an eye sore and the material doesn't feel like it was forced onto the card. It's numbered /99 so that's nice! I really liked this card when I saw it online and definitely goes as one of my favorite Berkman swatches in my collection!

Friday, October 19, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 7 - Epic Dual Relic!

Picked this one up cheap as well... I'll let it speak for itself:

Wow, a dual relic of two of my favorite pitchers! I don't know if it was the steroid backlash or what but I offered a figured I felt comfortable with and they accepted. Any time I can pick up another Nolan relic, I'm going to do it. As I've stated before many times, I think eventually Roger gets in the HOF so this card is going to definitely be worth what I paid for it and more.

Hope everyone has had a great week!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 6 - Roger

I'll follow up one HOF pitcher with one I think should make it, in time... you know, once all the "alleged" steroid use accusations die down...
Even though this is obviously a Yankees swatch, I still love the card because it shows The Rocket as an Astro and he looks kind of pissed about having his picture taken. I always find the Yankees pin striping to look different than other team's. The pin stripe looks stitched in... take a look at an Astro pinstripe from a Berkman card I'll feature in a week or two:
See the difference? It's weird the things I pick up on at 5:15am...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 5 - Don Sutton

I can't say I even remember Don Sutton being an Astro as I was 2 years old the last time he pitched a game for us, and in fact was only in the rainbow uniform for a couple of years. But while he was an Astros he amassed 24 wins over one and a half seasons. I am curious now as to why we traded him.
I picked this one up because A) I didn't have a Sutton auto in my collection and B) because it just looks so dang cool with the retro Astros look. I like that Playoff, even if they were using stickers, still did a cut-out for it and didn't just slap it on the cardboard like Topps does these days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 4 - One Last Altuve!

I saw this card and the low price it was going at on COMC, and got another steal. This is the parallel version that is numbered out of 50!

It's crazy that just a year or so ago, Jose was playing in the FUTURES All-Star game! This year he was our All Star representative in KC. I love the design of the card, good job Bowman!

Monday, October 15, 2012

COMC Haul - Day 3 - Altuve!

Yesterday I showed off a LCS pick-up of a Triple Threads card of Jose Altuve! Today, a much cheaper pick up of another Jose Altuve Autograph!
I don't know how you get "Jose" or "Altuve" out of that autograph, but who cares... at least it's consistent!

Plus, the picture here shows some hustle. Altuve's a motor guy, a guy who no one thought would make it because of his size and he just kept doing what he does best. The results were impossible for fans or management to ignore and he shot up through our minor league system quickly. There was talk this year of trading him, as we have Jimmy Paredes hitting very well in the minors and his usual position is 2B as well, but I really do hope Altuve is the next Astros lifer. I hate that Hunter Pence went to Philly and then San Fran, although I'm glad he's doing well, but I had thought I'd end up watching Hunter's entire career here in Houston only to be left with memories of his first few.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

COMC Haul Day 2

Day two of the COMC bonanza! Here we have a prospect that made his way up to AAA this year, Chris Wallace. He's the cousin of a guy I've worked with and a U of Houston product so I tend to look for his stat lines in the Astros Minor League wrap ups. He also wears an awesome Darth Vader like batting helmet due to getting hit in the face with a Barrett Loux fastball in college...
Hopefully the kid can make it up to the show in the next couple of years!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

An LCS/eBay Pick-up

So I snagged a card off eBay from my LCS... basically Big Hit Sports Cards had put it up on eBay for a customer, and at $25 BIN, I offered $21 and viola it's mine... it's freakin' sweeeeeeet!
That's out of 25!!!! I saw one out of 50 go for around $32 the other day so I got one steal of a deal! SWEEEET! I love it, great design on Triple Threads this year and I like that they Astros that are in the set are affordable on the secondary market.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second of my COMC pick ups!

COMC Haul! Wowzers! Day 1

So, I'd slowly been amassing some great cards on COMC and pulled the trigger on the bulk shipping option... Rather than show off all the cards I got at once, I figured it'd be a fun way to keep me blogging for a month or so by showing off all my loot!

For the first day, I'm going to show 6 cards that I got for set completion goals... everything else consists of autos and relics!
I got me a couple of Queens! A very intense looking Verlander, and 3 much needed mini's. This gets me down to needing just 5 GQ Mini's from 2011!!!! Holy crap! SO CLOSE!!!

Stay tuned, there are some awesome cards to come! My biggest COMC haul and I got some great deals!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trade Bait Post and other stuff...

Hey everyone, I've got a post up this morning over at the Blog of Trade Bait so if you haven't checked out that blog yet then go on over there and see what you can find to trade for. We have a line-up of All-Star bloggers (myself not included) putting up some great cards for trade.

In recap of the group break, it's a little frustrating to end up with 3 expired redemptions out of the deal but it is what it is I guess. I've got to figure out how to ship this baseball. Just in case you're wondering, here's the breakdown of cards per team:

Reds: 5
Cubs: 4
Rays: 3
Twins: 5
Dodgers: 18
Cardinals: 15
Giants: 12
Phillies: 10
Tigers: 11
Indians: 9 + baseball
Padres: 2
Astros: 4
Nationals/Expos: 2
Red Sox: 17
Mariners: 4
O's: 4
A's: 15
Blue Jays: 5
Royals: 6
Rockies: 3
Pirates: 5
Marlins: 3
Brewers: 4
D'Backs: 5
Rangers: 9
White Sox: 6 + 2 hits
Braves: 9 + 2 hits
Mets: 4 + 1 hit
Angels: 3 + 1 hit
Yankees: 28 + 1 hit

So... make of that what you will...

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Group Break - Box #1 - 2002 Fleer Greats of the Game!

Here we go everyone! You know how it goes!

Pictures after the page break!

Group Break Update

First of all... How about them Texans?!?!!?!??! They made it stressful last night, but 5-0 is 5-0 and a road game in prime time against a desperate team is going to be tough. This is a game we typically don't win in years past so it was great to see them stick it out and get the victory. JJ Watt is a beast...

The cards were ordered yesterday and will be here today... I'm covering 4 teams beyond my Astros at this point, which will make me hesitant to do this format again, but if anyone wants the Brewers, Marlins, D'Backs or Pirates please e-mail me an offer for any of them. No reasonable offer to be refused...

On a side note, the wife and I got a blaster of Panini Americana Heroes & Legends over the weekend. I like the base set, but there's not the Hollywood lure to keep my wife's interest in this set. The blaster box is smaller than typical blasters, and I LOVE it... I hope the industry moves towards these style boxes. Much less packaging and the cards actually fit in them well once the packs are open... here's some inserts and the hit we got form the box as well as a base card:
The Baumgartner is numbered /499, any wrestling fans out there? Growing up in Houston and specifically in the Clear Lake area, I was always intrigued with space and the space program. I really like the Astronaut inserts and it definitely influences me picking the Gene Kranz base card to show off. Gene Kranz is the Chuck Norris of the space program, one awesome dude who nobody messes with. I love the look on Tobin Heath's face, I'm sure she's thinking "Hey Panini, that's the BEST picture you could find of me???". I'm kind of "meh" on the Olympics inserts but a big thumbs up on the Military Elite inserts, especially as a bunch of them honor the Tuskeegee Airmen. The blaster produced about half of the base set with no duplicates so I don't think it would take more than another one or two blasters to complete the set if we go for it. Plus each blaster guarantees a relic or auto. Not too shabby...

Hopefully tonight I can get at least one box busted and posted! Stay tuned!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Results from MojoBreak!

I recently bought into a group break at for a 9 box 2012 Topps Triple Threads case break. Using their discount code, I got the Astros for $18! I took a gamble as there are very few Astros in this year's TT set! Let's see how I did!
WOO HOO!!!! Ok, so I had already gotten a Ryan /625 off eBay so this one is for trade! But how about that Altuve!?!??!?!?!?! Numbered 9/10? It's a very slick looking card and the autograph is ON-CARD! No sticker! The relics are all pieces of bat, but I can certainly say I got my money's worth. What is crazy is that both of these cards were in the same pack, so I hit two cards in one pack and nothing else for the rest of the break! Lucky me!

Speaking of group breaks, we're down to just 6 teams remaining to be claimed! I'd love to get these last 6 sold so if you are interested please make me an offer if you feel the asking price is too high... remember, if you already had a team in the break as of Saturday you can take $5 off per team and otherwise you can knock $2 off per team:


I'm really surprised no one has picked up the Angels, of all the teams left, I figured they'd get snatched up. If I end up having to cover them, I won't be too upset... :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Group Break Update

Ok everyone. There are 13 teams left a no activity for a few days. I cannot cover that many teams. But I will cover some postage if needed.

So, here is the offer: any one who already has a team or teams can claim an additional team or teams at a $5 discount per team. Head over to the main page and leave a comment to claim a team.

Anyone who hasn't claimed a team and wants to grab a team can take a $2 discount. Again, head to the main group break sign up page to comment to claim!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Card of the Day - Plus More Stuff

Hey everyone... let me start off by plugging a new blog that I've joined as a contributor (I know, I barely write on my own blog, how dare I join another?!). Well, it's a great new blog called Blog of Trade Bait where you basically just post your cards for trade. It's a great idea to create opportunities to make deals and show off cards others might want to trade for! So check it out...

Today's card of the day:
I picked this one up off eBay for cheap! J.D. had an up and down year this year but hopefully next year he can be a bit more consistent and solidify the LF spot in the lineup.

The October Dimwit Group Break still has 13 teams left:
Blue Jays

Just click on the link and leave a comment with the team you'd like to claim! Remaining teams range from $15-20... A full box of Triple Threads will be busted!!!! Along with two other great products! Lots of hits! A chance at some amazing cards!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Group Break - Sign Ups are FULL!

This is going to be a great group break!!!! Three great products! First up we have:
2002 Fleer Greats of the Game! There are some GREAT hits in this product! 24 packs, 5 cards per pack!  One auto and 2 game-used cards per box.
Next we have 2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia! This box includes an autographed baseball! As well as two of the much loved hits from this product! 18 packs, 6 cards per pack!

And finally!!!!
Yep, a full hobby box of 2012 Topps Triple Threads... 2 mini boxes per box, one pack per mini box... 3 base, 2 parallel and 2 hits per pack! Some AMAZING and ridiculous hits are available in this product!

All cards with multiple teams will be randomized among the teams on the card. All multi-team cards which have a team I have purchased or am stuck with at the end, will be randomized by an independent third party. Any non-sport cards will be randomized amongst all teams. All cards from teams that no longer exist will be given to the team where the former moved (e.g. Montreal cards to Washington). The autographed ball with a player who played with multiple teams will be randomized amongst all teams he played for unless documentation with the ball indicates a team.

Ok, so you're wondering what it's going to cost. Due to the limited availability of some teams, and the over abundance of others, I've come up with team by team pricing. All teams will be sold individually but if you want additional teams, take $2 off the price of each additional team you want to buy. Here is the pricing structure:

Astros - $15 - The Dimwit - PAID
Padres - $15 - BA Benny - PAID
Rockies - $15 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
White Sox - $15 - Jeff Wilk - PAID
Brewers - $17 - Derek - PAID
Indians - $17 - Carlos S. - PAID
Twins - $17 - Jeff Wilk
Blue Jays - $17 - buckstorecards - PAID
Phillies - $17 - Richard - PAID
Diamondbacks - $17 - BA Benny -PAID
Marlins - $17 - BA Benny - PAID
Mets - $17 - buckstorecards - PAID
Rays - $17 - buckstorecards - PAID
Cubs - $17 - Matt Pederson - PAID
Orioles - $17 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Pirates - $17 - BA Benny -PAID
Royals - $17 Scott S. - PAID
Tigers - $20 - Jeffrey - PAID
A's - $20 - Carlos S. - PAID
Red Sox - $20 - Matt Perry - PAID
Cardinals - $20 - jamicfin - PAID
Braves - $20 - Chris Mays - PAID
Reds - $20 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Mariners - $20 - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Dodgers - $20 - gcrl - PAID
Giants - $20 - Classic Card Collector - PAID
Rangers - $20 - aj245 - PAID
Angels - $20 - aj245 - PAID
Nationals - $20 - Jason Smith - PAID
Yankees - $30 - Kirk Jacobson - PAID

CLAIM A TEAM BY LEAVING A COMMENT ON THIS POST. Do not e-mail me directly with a team claim, you must comment on this post to claim a team(s). All payments: please send as PayPal GIFT to samuelpair(at)yahoo(dot)com.

As an incentive to fill this faster... if all slots fill by Thursday at noon, I'll include a signed ball from my collection to be randomly given to a hit-less team.

I really hope this fills fast, I'd love to get these ordered before I fly to Houston on Thursday! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Card of the Day!

Look what I picked up off eBay last week!!!! Freakin' sweeeeet!!!!
WHOA BUDDY!!!! Two toned jersey swatch!!!!! Don't think for a moment that I didn't notice that the card is numbered 34/36! 34!!! That's his jersey number!!! WOO HOO!!!
Well this card is out dated... the Mets got their no-hitter this year. But an awesome card for sure!

Group break sign ups will go live tonight when I get home from work... just a hint, the card in this post is a bit of a hint towards one of the products involved! It's going to be an epic break!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Card of the Day

This card is even more awesome without the scanner messing it up... 2012 Topps Tribute Nolan Ryan base card.

Any ideas from the peanut gallery for October Group Break products? Triple Threads 9 box case? Low-end mid-90's wax? Somewhere in between? If you say 2007 Artifacts, I'm swearing off group breaks forever... haha!