Monday, September 10, 2012

September Group Break - Sign Ups are FULL!!

So I'm going to dip into a couple of products we've previously busted here at The Daily Dimwit and open up a high dollar box of product that I've never opened before!

Check out this month's selection:

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces

3 Relics and 1 Auto per box! Plus some great looking base cards! A fan favorite!

2007 Upper Deck Artifacts
How about 3 more relics and one more autograph?!?!?! That's 8 hits and we're not even at the last box. Artifacts is great for "hit" collectors for their teams, lots of variety and a good mix of new and old school players!

Finally, the "big box" of this month's break:

2005 Topps Pristine Legends Edition
Oh YEA!!!! That's one more autograph, five more relics and 5 slabbed uncirculated cards! This is going to be a fantastic break! That's 14 hits total plus the added 5 uncirculated! This is going to be fun. Topps Pristine Legends Edition has an incredible mix of old school players. Please note this is NOT the regular Topps Pristine, but a separate product all together.

Alright, because the "big box" is a legends product, there are going to be 13 slots for this break, with a 14th and 15th slot that will be a discounted slots for Arizona/Colorado & Florida/Tampa since they will have no representation in Pristine Legends.

The 13 slots will be $18 per slot, with each additional slot costing $16. Each slot will get you one team of your choice with a second team randomly assigned once all slots are full. The two discounted slots of Arizona/Colorado and Florida/Miami will be $10 per slot shipped. If you have a slot already and want to pick up one of these discounted slots, it'll be only $8.

Any multiple team cards will be randomized among the teams involved. In Topps Pristine there are cards depicting players in their college uniforms, on the back of the card the player is shown in a team uniform, this team will get that card. Example: Pete Incavilia is shown on the front as an Oklahoma St. Cowboy, on the back is a headshot in a Rangers uniform, thus the card would go to the Rangers. Any disputes will be resolved by an unbiased third party blogger not involved in the break, and/or by where needed to assign the card randomly among those having claims to the card.

Alright, claim your team in the comments below, and ONLY in the comments. Slot will be awarded by time stamp on the comment, any claim via e-mail will be invalid. Once all slots are filled and paid, the randomization for the second team will be completed (except of course for the discounted slots). Payment is to be made via PayPal, at the address samuelpair (at)


Atlanta - Chris Mays - PAID
Baltimore - Kirk Jacobson - PAID
Boston - Carlos S. - PAID
Chicago Cubs - Matt Pederson
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati - Kirk Jacobson - PAID
Detroit - Arno - PAID
Houston - The Dimwit - PAID
Kansas City
Los Angeles Dodgers - Stealing Home
Los Angeles Angels
Milwaukee - Arno - PAID
New York Mets - Carlos S. - PAID
New York Yankees - Derek Hill
San Diego
San Francisco
St. Louis - madding
Texas - Andrew - PAID

Colorado/Arizona - Discounted Slot - jaybarkerfan
Florida/Tampa - Discounted Slot - jaybarkerfan

The faster this fills, the faster we can get to busting packs of AWESOME CARDS!!!!!