Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Group Break Box #3 - 2005 Topps Pristine

The final box of the break is here!
As always, click "read more" to see the pictures!
First up, we have the collegiate, gold die cut and the "Early Years" insert:
Next up, the uncirculated... That Monte Irvin rocks... I'd be tempted to open this one up, send it to Monte to sign and then put it back!
 Finally, the hits!
The only guy I hadn't heard of here was Cesar Geranimo, but still some great name recognition guys. The highlight is of course the Mattingly SWEEEET pin stripe card and the odd orange "reminds me of 1980's era Astros" Gaylord Perry swatch.

Hope you all enjoyed the break. I have to work today, a wonderful 10 hour stretch at the hell hole known as "my desk", this refinery won't build itself I guess... so I'll get these packaged up tomorrow and the wonderful wife will drop them off on Monday. Please: if I don't have your address, send it over to me! If you have any doubt, just send it... and if you've changed in the past 2-3 months, please sent it as well!

1 comment:

  1. geronimo was a part of 'the big red machine' from the 70's with pete rose and johnny bench.
    any reds fan will love that card.

    thanks for the fast turn around on the break and it was really fun.

    see u for the next one !