Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog Product Review - NFL TeenyMates

Hope everyone enjoyed that little video... really, if you didn't watch it until the end, you really should!

A big thanks to everyone over at TeenyMates for giving me a shot at reviewing this product!

As I mentioned in the video, TeenyMates are sold 2 per package along with 2 puzzle pieces for $3.99 at Target stores! They are sold in the retail gravity pack-style boxes and should be pretty easy to find!

Here's the complete puzzle in all it's glory front and back!

Pretty cool if you ask me! These little dudes rock and the poster/puzzle/field idea gives you another level of set collection! 

The TeenyMates website also has all kinds of downloadable games, coloring books and computer wallpapers. 

Future releases of TeenyMates are planned with other sports being included! Can't wait to see what league is next!

There are pros and cons to this product, first the "Pros":
  1. Highly collectable! Once you start getting a good number of teams, you definitely want to complete the set! 
  2. Chase figures - 3 rare, rarer and rarest figures make the product even more fun to open. I am bound and determined now to get a Houston Oilers figure! 
  3. Licensed product - Of course this product would be next to nothing if it wasn't licensed, but it's great to see the NFL logo on each and be able to have your team figure on your desk or mantle... or prominently displayed elsewhere. As much as a 1" figurine can be displayed, right?
  4. Great for kids! Not of all ages of course, as there is a choking hazard for the small kiddos, but I'm sure these would appeal to all the kids out there who are NFL fans at a young age.
  1. Price point - some people may balk at the $3.99 per pack but it won't be me.
  2. Duplicates - Yes, it's a risk we all take with buying any product blindly. However, I would also argue that this also encourages trading... so those of you who end up with this product and have duplicates, let's make a deal!
  3. All the same pose - It'd be cool to see them in different poses or in different actions as a QB, but not a huge deal. Also, they are all QB's. Why not some RB's or WR's? I don't have a huge problem with it, hopefully other positions will be coming down the line some day! (Unconfirmed and unsubstantiated dream of the blogger... haha!)
Ok, so overall, I think this is a fun, solid and great product for NFL fans, kids and collectors! They are fun and the blind aspect of each pack helps keep it fun. What would be the point of seeing exactly which ones you're going to get, right? I give this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars! I really like it and plan on buying a bunch more!

Ok, so if you watched the video, you know what to do! And if you read this far, that should be a hint to go watch the video to the end! Come on, it's only 6 minutes of your life... Sunday night, 9:30pm is the deadline!


  1. I think theyre just cool in general, though it's another pack of something I need to spend money on. I really like the three different rare pieces.

  2. I think it's a pretty cool product. I hope that in series two (if their is a series two)that they focus on running backs. It would be cool if they had a series three wide receiver set and a series four that would be the o-linemen and d-linemen and specialists series. Their might not be much of a market for that though. The puzzle pieces and the football field is nice. I can see kids playing nfl games using the football field and teenymates.

  3. As a Lego collector, I can't help but like the minifigures! I enjoyed the SportsClix set by Topps a few years back - so I could see enjoying this set as well. I think the fact that the figures have the correct logos really makes the product worthwhile.

  4. Those are cool. I would really like if they had NCAA ones. But the Broncos one is pretty cool.

  5. I'm not a huge football fan but those are cool little figures ! I like Josh's idea of making NCAA versions.I know my son would love a BGSU if they ever do MAC teams.I like the football field puzzle, seems like a good way to display the figures.

  6. I like them, a fun little collectible plus I enjoy puzzle so that's a nice touch too. The size is good since they don't take up much space.

  7. very cool stuff will for sure pick some up next time im at target would love to see them in ncaa form as well just know my luck would never get the alabama one oh well rolltide...