Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Stop by the LCS and a trade!

Since I sold off a bunch of cards over the past couple of weeks, we stopped by the LCS and I cherry picked some cards from their many boxes of hits...

Here's what I was able to pick up!
A SWEEEEEEET autograph that I needed for my Gypsy Queen autograph project! Only about 40 more to go!!! Haha! A couple of Nolan cards, including another jersey card! The Berkman auto is AWESOMe, on the clear acetate stuff that I love!

Next up, I have a trade with my now frequent trade partner Adam over at ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession. I sent some cards his way, he sent some back my way... and here we are with my loot:
I was REALLY happy to add the Caminiti TTM-style autograph to my collection as obviously there aren't going to be a lot of Caminiti auto's out there. I was a huge fan of the guy, and what a tragic story of fame gone wrong. The Pettitte patch is ridiculous, and I snagged the Santana as he was a guy included in the Hunter Pence trade with the Phillies and had a great year in the minors. I generally stay away from Jordan Schafer, but figured why the heck not...

Thanks Adam!!!!


  1. Nice pickups... especially the Gypsy Queen autograph and that Nolan Ryan jersey card (which reminds me of one of those early 90's magazine designs).

  2. As an Astros fan I say bravo!!! I recently got a Caminiti auto in a trade as well. He was a good guy in person. I have extra Astros base if ever interested in trading. Look me up @SWLVguy on twitter.

  3. Glad you got the cards and are enjoying them.

    I really like that Fan Favorites design on the Nolan GU, I was lucky enough to pull a Schmidt bat card with the same design.

    Thanks for the trades! I think I have our last 3 trades to post - I am soooooo behind.