Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Couple of Packages!

I had a couple of packages in the mail today... first up we have a purchase I made from Kirk over at Eutaw Street Cardboard, he put up a relic from Allen and Ginter that I had my eye on for a while and was just waiting for a fellow blogger to post!
How did Topps end up with the balloon? Who knows, but this is an awesome piece of Americana! I love it, and it's the kind of unique relic that I'm glad Topps throws in. Now if there were just more like this and less 3rd tier baseball players in the wrong team's uniform (Zambrano and several other Cubs). No offense to Cubs fans, more pointing out that Topps did a disservice to you fans by putting in players and relics from players a year or two removed from actually playing on the team! Onward....

Ok, so I also go a package from Topps! I made the realization that I wasn't going to be buying any more 2012 Topps and decided to cash in on the cards that I had won through the "gold" "giveaway" promotion.... since these cards are not gold, and definitely not free (had to pay like $6 in shipping, BOO!)
Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about the 3 cards I got. I was able to trade for the Nolan Ryan by packaging a Frank Robinson and a Carlos Gonzalez together, luckily someone swung the deal. The Rivera and Felix were actual cards I unlocked! The cards are thick too! The front and back seem to be glued to what would be a "blocker" style card in most hobby packs these days. Being a die cut, I was expecting a card the thickness of Chrome, with the same curvature. But these are thick, heavy die cuts that look AWESOME in person.

The Felix and Mariano are up for trade. For those who care, I did already take the protective film off in order to get a good scan, so if that bothers you, sorry...


  1. What would you be looking for? I'm interested in the Felix Hernandez

  2. They look pretty cool. I can use the Mariano.

  3. Cool Balloon Boy relic and nice pick ups on the Topps "Giveaway". Pretty cool looking cards. I have a couple Giants I need to get delivered soon. Kinda waiting for Update to see if it will have more of the same.