Monday, September 3, 2012

A Call Out To Football Collectors

I need to make a trade for high quality hits for University of Alabama alumni football cards.

Here's the deal, at our LCS trade night there was a big baseball-related prize (I'll tell you about it if I'm able to secure it)... and I didn't win. But a good friend of mine did, and he doesn't collect baseball stuff AT ALL, only football. So I have nothing to trade him for it... but he's a HUGE Alabama fan, so I was hoping maybe one of you fellow bloggers/readers may have something ridiculously awesome that you could trade me that is 'bama related. I will send baseball stuff your way of course. Let me know, again any football hits, autos, relics or unique 'Bama stuff would work great...

By the way, an update on things here at the Dimwit abode... my work changed course, well actually the client my company works for changed course, and for us salaried workers they are going to pay us 40 hours for last week!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!! I still am trying to sell off some items on eBay but the need isn't quite as great as it was 4 days ago when I was told we were up %$#$ creek without a paddle. Anyways, for all those who participated in the Dimwit Fire Sale, I really do hope you enjoy the cards and I'm thankful that you helped us out in our time of need. I'll definitely keep those who helped in mind and hopefully will be able to return the favor some day. The good karma you sent out will certainly come back to you some day!

But for now, a tease... the item in question is a piece of memorabilia with 3 HOF signatures... 2 of which would be new additions to my collection... so send me trade offers if you have anything football related from the U of Alabama!!!!!


  1. I have a jersey card of Rolando McClain who played for Alabama when he played in college. Just let me know if you're interested. My email is Thanks.

  2. Glad to hear everything turned out OK.