Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trade Post! I'm ALIVE!!!!

Looks like the worst of the storm has cleared, and here in Mobile that didn't mean much. We never lost power, and from what we could tell we were never really in any real danger... now my work just needs to re-open so I can start making some money. Being the sole income for now, it is going to really hurt to be without some income for possibly up to a week and a half.

Anyways, I got some cards in over the weekend and I figured it was about time to show them off... first up, yesterday I got a package from Matt over at Somehow an errant postage sticker got stuck to the envelope and this one made it's way to Massachusetts before getting to me here in Alabama... some Platinum needs!
Thanks Matt!

Next up, a deal with BA Benny. You may remember a while back, Mike sent me the last relic I needed for my 2011 Gypsy Queen mini-relic set, a Thurmon Munson bat relic. Well, for the longest time these cards just weren't popping up on eBay or COMC and when they did they were going for $60-80 each. Well, Mike graciously traded me his copy. Low and behold a few weeks ago I found one on COMC for $18 and I quickly snatched it up and pegged it for a return to Mike. Here's what he sent me in return:
Mike, I am waiting on a couple cards from Matt to include in your package and then the Munson will be on it's way back into your collection. Thanks bud! (Even if you included a Carlos Lee card).

Finally, we have one of the most epic trades I've ever put together... 8 of my "hits" consisting of (5) autos, 1 dual relic, 1 single relic and a manu-relic were sent to Scott over at Sports Cards Ate My Brain after I claimed pretty much every Bagwell, Berkman and Biggio card in his NL Trade Bait Page! First up, the serial numbered, inserts and RC's cards he sent my way:
2 Biggio RC's! The Berkman insert from Turkey Red rocks!!!

Here's the loot of GU items I received in return, the horizontals first...
I love the Turkey Red parallels, I may have to hunt others down! Any trade that includes multiple Biggio GU's is awesome in my books!

And for the verticals:
All great cards! Scott, thanks for a GREAT trade, an epic trade that reminds me of the Padres-Astros swap of December 1994. Thanks for the great cards!

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  1. The Carlos Lee is part of your Astros team colection. Do you think I enjoy having such players as Oliver Perez in my collection? It all goes with collecting players by their laundry. Ha Ha