Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pack #7

I'm going to have another post tonight with some over-due trade updates and a couple of purchases... but for now, you get another pack from my Bowman Platinum box... which I totally miscalculated in all previous posts as there are 20 packs in this box, not 24... I'm special, I know...
I seem to have great luck pulling Giants inserts, hits and parallels of late... the Sandoval is the rarer Ruby colored parallel and is much more impressive than the scan would give credit for... The Pomeranz is a dupe! The Bowman Prospect cards are nice and all, but even with all the packs I've opened I still only have 19 of the 100 card set, talk about a pain to put the insert set together...

I'm waiting on a pricing e-mail from Atlanta Sports Cards... so stay tuned for a group break sign-up announcement! Should be around $15 for two teams again... and we're looking at a potential 17 hits out of this one!

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