Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pack 19! We're almost done!

What am I going to do Tuesday when packs from this box are no longer available to post? What will you, my faithful readers, do with your morning? Surely we'll find a way to move on... but until then, another pack!
All the base cards are dups... Baez and Jennings go in the "for trade" pile... a very "meh" pack.

As you all may have surmised by now, I've got just one pack left and one hit left to go... who will it be?!?!?!! If you look through my "Hits-Autos-Relics" spreadsheet you can probably figure it out, but for those waiting on the edge of their keyboard (why you are sitting on your keyboard, I have no clue) then you'll find out tomorrow with the exciting conclusion of my pack-by-pack 2012 Bowman Platinum box break!

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