Thursday, August 30, 2012

Need Some Help Everyone - Dimwit Fire Sale

Hey, due to a variety of things coming up (including this storm), we're in need of some quick in flux of cash here at the Dimwit household. Mainly the trouble is that I found out my company is not paying me (despite being a salaried worker) for this week or more we'll be off of work. Couldn't be happening at a worse time since rent is due next week.

Please take a look at my eBay listings, and in my "Hits-Autos-Relics" spreadsheet linked on the sidebar, if there is anything you have an interest in and would be inclined to make an offer, please let me know via e-mail below. All offers will be considered. Please be reasonable. Even if it's just one or two cards, anything will help. I'll meet you half way on the shipping and ask that you just add $1 to your offer to cover postage. I will use bubble mailers on bigger orders, but for single cards I'll most likely utilize PWE with rigid card holders.

I don't mean to impose or keep beating a dead horse with the eBay stuff. I hope you all know I wouldn't ask this if it wasn't truly needed. I'm trying to avoid having to dip into selling my Astros stuff.

Please note, some of the items in the spreadsheet on the sidebar are on eBay. If they are in lots on eBay, I'd like to keep them in that lot to keep from having to do mass changes on my eBay auctions, preferably.


  1. Sorry to hear about your setbacks, let me take a look at the spreadsheet to see if I can help you out a bit

  2. Damn man. Hate to hear that. Good luck

  3. I just grabbed the Santana purple refractor and am watching another group.