Thursday, August 23, 2012

Contest Winner Announced!

Well, there were 44 total comments that made it in before 9:00pm central time (yes, you made it Jared, time stamp on my screen was 8:55pm central). Here is the winner:
Twenty-fifth comment wins... and that goes to...

The Dutch Card Guy!!!!!

Jeroen, you ok with me sending your prize with whatever trade or group break package you have coming your way next? I don't think you'll have a problem with it, but if you want your prize quick, I can get these over to you ASAP.

Thanks everyone for participating. Another year has passed... I appreciate all your well wishes and the humor you guys threw in. I count myself lucky to have so many friends, even most of you that I'll never meet face to face, I count you all as friends!

I did get some cards for my birthday today... 3 packs from a co-worker who knows I collect and the Hotwit made me get a couple of blasters of Chrome as we had to stop at Target after dinner tonight. Nothing exciting, although I did get one die cut, it was pretty awesome... Eric Hosmer. The die cuts in Chrome are SICK.

We are anxiously awaiting the release of these... if anyone is collecting them, please let me know if you're seeing them in any of your stores, they aren't at any of the retail stores around here. I want the Oilers one SOOOO bad!!!

I'm off to eat my cake and ice cream!

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  1. Cool, aweome, first time winning a contest ! No rush of course ! Thanks !!