Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Card of the Day - 2012 Gypsy Queen - Nolan Ryan - Retail Gold Paralall

Back to the "Card of the Day" theme... here's one of my favorites so far from this year:

There have been many detractors of the 2012 GQ design, but I'm still a big fan. Especially on the retail parallels and for all the bordered cards. I really love the photo they used on this year's set for Nolan. The scan doesn't do the foil embossing justice but it's a sweet lookin' card in person. That retro Astros uniform is just awesome, the stirrups and the Starred-H logo on the hat just take me back to being a kid and watching him pitch in the Dome.


  1. Great looking card. I have this parallel of Ripken, and it looks fantastic. GQ really got the framed cards right, at the very least.