Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Group Break Sign-Ups Are CLOSED!!!

Here'st he format: $17 for a two team slot, one your choice, one random. I'll be busting three boxes... First up, 2007 UD Artifacts:
Three hits and I think we all know that Artifacts has a great mix of old and current players as well as some unique hits as well!

Second box will be a 2012 Topps Series 2 Jumbo HTA hobby box:
Three hits here as well! We'll get a full set out of this box so everyone is guaranteed a team set out of this one plus lots of inserts!

Finally, the "highlight" box in my opinion:
This product goes live today! We'll bust one master box of Topps Finest 2012 and that will guarantee us at least 2 hits, but plenty of chances at additional inserts and crazy hits as well. There are also hot boxes, 1 in every 4 cases where all cards are refractors.

As always, the team listed on the front of the card as well as the matching logo (if any) on the back will determine who the card goes to on single player cards. Multi-player cards will be randomly assigned amongst the teams on the card. Any cards representing teams that have moved will go to the team as it currently exists today (Expos cards go to Washington Nationals, etc.). Any HITS with multiple teams will have the randomizations done via video, and if that card involves a player from a team in my slot, then I'll have an un-biased 3rd party do the randomization.

COMMENT TO CLAIM A TEAM. The only means of claiming a slot is by leaving a comment ON THIS POST for all to see. Time stamp will determine who gets the slot if multiple people claim the same team, first to post gets that slot. Once 15 slots are full, I'll randomize the second team. Please send payment as GIFT to my paypal address samuelpair (AT) yahoo (dot) com. All cards shipped domestically will include delivery confirmation!

Atlanta - Cardhobbyist - PAID
Arizona -
Baltimore -
Boston - Matt Perry - PAID
Chicago Cubs - Matt Pederson - PAID
Chicago White Sox -
Cincinnati -
Cleveland - Baseball Dad - PAID
Colorado -
Detroit - Jeffrey - PAID
Houston - The Dimwit - PAID
Kansas City -
Los Angeles Dodgers - Arno - PAID
Los Angeles Angels - Cardhobbyist - PAID
Miami -
Milwaukee -
Minnesota -
New York Mets - BA Benny - PAID
New York Yankees - The Lost Collector - PAID
Oakland -
Philadelphia - Richard N. - PAID
Pittsburgh -
San Diego -
San Francisco - Ross - PAID
Seattle -
St. Louis - madding - PAID
Tampa Bay -
Texas - Kirk J - PAID
Toronto -
Washington - Carlos - PAID

Thanks everyone, please feel free to ask any questions you may have! The faster this fills, the faster I'll get to bustin'!


  1. I'll take the Braves. I send payment after work today. Thanks

  2. Can I get in on the Giants??

  3. In for the Finest :)

    Boston please. Paypal inbound.

  4. Put me down for the Cardinals. Thanks.

  5. Dodgers! Payment will be forthcoming.

  6. I need some Cleveland Indian love to make up for the way they have been playing ! (until today !)

  7. Washington Nationals... Thanks..


  9. I gotta rant here, because frankly, I have zero desire for a lot of the box breaks lately because the hits are pretty much shit in my opinion. Maybe a few others will agree with me. For starters, let's look at the Topps Finest checklist:

    I'm a White Sox fan. And what do I get in that product - 1 hit. That's it. One frigging hit possible. Do we need that many hits from Oakland? Or the Rockies, Pirates, Mariners,... Have any of these teams done anything is the past years? But yet, this is what Topps gives us. Well - me.

    Let's look at 2007 Artifacts. You have 100 players in relics section - 2 are White Sox. This is not even 2 years removed from them sweeping the Astros in '05 and they get two cards. And the Astros that didn't win anything in 2005? They get 5 relics. (no offense, Dimwit - I'm just pointing out what I see, dude)

    So, sorry - while I love group breaks, I am really tired of my team being considered 2nd rate in the eyes of the industry.