Friday, July 20, 2012

Two More Boxes of A&G...

The wife and I went to the card store today and I picked up two more boxes of A&G... So I started a whole big post with a bunch of scans... but then I figured you all were absolutely sick of seeing A&G and if you were going to read this post, it was only going to see what hits I got... so here's the hits...

Box #1... or as I call it, the box of non-baseball crap...
Pfister, Hurley Sr and Phelps... ok so the Phelps isn't crap... but still...

Box #2... or as I call it, "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?!?!"
So yea, I managed to hit the 2nd Rip Card pulled from my LCS... this one of the big Prince... well, did I rip it????? Hellz ya I ripped it. As much as I'd love to sell this for $75-100, I'd be pissed if it turned out there was some awesome HOF'er auto or redemption within... so, let's see what's inside...


Ok, it could be worse... a Ryan Howard EXT mini should sell alright and I have no qualms ripping the card. That's what it's meant for, right? This is the third Rip Card I've gotten in all my years collection Allen and Ginter and so far it's been EXT mini's each time. I am not complaining at all, as I know many of you would relish the chance to make the choice whether to Rip or Sell!

All cards for trade here... I may stick the Howard and Phelps on the e-Bay, but let me know if you're interested!

I am going to be updating my For Trade and Want list accordingly this evening... all mini's and inserts will be added for those going after sets!


  1. Pfister and Posada would help me out please.

  2. Would you want a Jed Lowrie 2012 ginter relic for the Posada?

  3. Please hold the Hurley Sr. for me.

  4. Hey I would love to get all those non baseball crap relics off you, I am trying to collect um all, its gonna be a huge task, so lmk what you want for um

  5. well looks like the first two non baseball cards have already been called, but i would love to get that phelps

    1. aj245... it's difficult to respond to your trade requests when you don't leave a contact e-mail and your profile does not have a link to an e-mail. I am willing to trade the Phelps for an Astros or Nolan Ryan card of similar value. I hope you see this, but if you don't I have no other way to contact you...

  6. Sorry it didnt leave my email address, dont know why, it always has in the past


    Andrew Skipton