Friday, July 6, 2012

Trade with the Matts and a couple freebies!

Wow, a week on the beach will sure generate a lot of laziness... It's been tough to get back into the swing of things upon our return.

For those curious about the July Group Break, no worries, it's still going to happen. I'm working out the details with Atlanta Sports Cards and as soon as I get things confirmed, I'll definitely let everyone know the plans... I will say this: 3 boxes and a total of at LEAST 15 hits guaranteed per the box odds... there will be 15 slots... could there be a miracle and EVER slot get a hit?!??!?! Most likely not, but at least everyone will have a pretty decent chance at a nice card or two!

Alright, first up I've got a couple cards that Andrew (a blog reader who is very kind to me) sent me a couple free cards, and ridiculous patches to boot!!! First a SWEEEEEET Clemens patch!
Obviously that's a patch from a Yankees jersey but beggars can't be choosers, right? If anyone is looking to unload Clemens stuff, by all means, I'm still a big fan. My view on PED's is that everyone was doing them, they were readily accessible and MLB did nothing to discourage, let alone stop, the usage despite the obvious nature of the game. Therefore, I'm not going to hold it against anyone anymore... I'm done being a bitter fan in regards to steroids and HGH. It was an era in baseball, much like the deadball era, let's just all put our mental asterisk on it and move on...
#'ed out of 50? Why, yes please and thank you!! Andrew this was awesome enough... then he went and threw in this beaut!
Ummmm... WOW.... ridiculous patch-ness-drool-puddle-awesome card... whatever did I do to deserve such kindness?!?!!? The scan doesn't do this card justice... just awesome!
And the back show's it being numbered 9/22... ridiculous... Andrew, you are THE MAN! If there is ever anything you have your eye on from my trade bait, just let me know... these two cards definitely mean I owe you something!

Alright... next up are a couple of trades with Matt and Matt... one from and the other from Cardboard Conundrum... One I am friends with due to my awesome wife (he's married to one of my wife's best friends) and the other I went to college with at Sam Houston State University (Eat 'em up Kats!). First up, the loot from DocHoloday:
Wow... my part of the deal going his way is an SP auto of Adrian Gonzales from GQ this year. I got a ridiculous return including a Brett Wallace auto that I told Matt I had already but that he sent anyways... now I have 2... haha... The Paredes and Martinez autos were the crux of the deal for me. I wanted the Tier One autos, but didn't want to actually buy any Tier One. Worked out great for me. Nolan Fontana, our 2nd round pick in this year's draft was sent straight to A-Ball and went 1-for-1 with 5 (FIVE!!!!) walks in his debut. Not too shabby! If anyone has Fontana stuff for trade, let me know, I am buying stock in this kid, I liked what I saw of him from his Team USA and UofFlorida days! Thanks Matt!

Finally the cards from the other Matt, over at Cardboard Conundrum:
A koala from 2011 Goodwin Champions (#3, not very rare, but still I like those animal patch cards!) A bunch of GQ SP's that needed (only 2 left!!!) and a Joe Morgan bat relic!
YAY MINI'S!!!!!! Matt shot over a nice stack of GQ mini's and I'm now down to only 25 needed for the set of regular FRONT mini's... I don't care which variation the back is, as long as the front is the base design. Anyways, I sent Matt the Starlin Caster SP auto that I pulled from GQ this year as part of this deal. Thanks for another great deal bud. Hope all is well up in the great state of North Dakota... 

Anyways it's great to be back and finally have caught up on all your blogs in my Google Reader feed, I had well over 1000+ articles ready for me upon my return. 

Group break details and sign-ups to be posted this week. Should hopefully keep it under $20 for a 2 team slot! 

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