Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trade Night - Purchases, Winnings and a Trade

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So last night was the monthly Trade Night over at my LCS Big Hit Sportscards. It's an awesome atmosphere and with their new location, much more room to move about, talk sports and trade cards. Well, the wife accompanied me for the first time and she had a blast, as one of the pack wars was the 2012 Topps Olympics set. We got a box, and not only did we score a couple of awesome autographs, but one of them won us the pack war... first off, here are the two autographs that we pulled from the box!

CARL FREAKIN' LEWIS! As some of you may know, each box is guaranteed 3 hits, but Topps seeded an extra auto in every other box! Wieber is the 2011 All-Around World Champion and one of the bigger names on the squad for this year's Olympics. We've put both on eBay already and hopefully will get us enough to flip for something even cooler for her collection. As for the pack war, with Jordyn Weiber's card set number being #78, it was the highest numbered auto pulled so we won this:
Yep, a Brooks Robinson autographed baseball!!! SWEEEET! I now have walked away from trade night with this baseball and a Hank Aaron autographed baseball! Very cool!

I also ended up buying some series 2 (why do I do this to myself??) and here's the "highlights" from my 3 jumbo packs and 5 regular hobby packs:
The Buchholz jersey will make for some trade bait, as will the #02/61 Volstad. The flagship product earns a big "meh" from me these days... oh and I got 4 code cards, which earned me 4 more stupid coins, which got me one of the "prizes" for getting 3 HOF'er coins, which got me another stupid coin. Boo...

While on the subject of cool stuff from Big Hits, I bought my dad a box of 2012 Leaf Autographed Golf Balls for his birthday. It was fun and cool since he spent most of his adult life buying me stuff for my collection. He doesn't collect much, but he does play a LOT of golf and I figured he'd enjoy the thrill of opening a box and seeing what popped out... I figured/hoped it would be a golfer he at least knew or had heard of, and for $65 it was a fun diversion from the usual gift card or certificate for a round of golf. Well, we beat the hell out of the odds...
WILLIE MAYS?!?!?!?! I get my dad a box and he pulls a WILLIE MAYS auto from a GOLF PRODUCT?!?!?! I couldn't be happier, but I'm just saying that if I bought it for myself, it would have been some golfer ranked #1,000 in the world or something... it turned out great because my dad got an auto of a player from his era of fandom! He was really excited, as was I... it turned out to be a great gift!

Alright, there was a trade that I made during the evening... here's what I ended up with:
A SWEET /100 Berkman patch! I really miss Donruss, they knew how to design a card...
A plethora of Nolan Ryan inserts and such... The '85 Donruss is not actually from '85, but rather is a 2004 Donruss Playoff reprint numbered /1985... and is very glossy... the Berkman insert is numbered /25. A nice trade and I made a new friend up at trade night as this was the first time I had seen this guy up at the shop.

All in all it was a great night!

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  1. Sweet pulls, congrats! And the Berkman is sweet!

  2. Congrats on the whole shebang! The autos are great!

  3. Didn't have any idea the leaf golf balls existed. I might have to grab one!