Sunday, July 29, 2012

Platinum is very very good to me...

Let's do this one more time...
That's a ruby parallel Johnson, emerald Pedroia and gold Upton... not too shabby!

And a couple of GREAT inserts...
Verlander die cut! Awesome! And can't complain with a 1st round draft pick autograph... alright Taijuan let's start dealin' a few no hitters and stuff! Haha!

Will have a want list and very limited "duplicates" list prepared soon, I've been pretty lucky so far with a lack of duplicates! (UPDATE: Yea, so 3 blasters in, I only have 2 duplicates and those are the prospect section: BPP76 (Simmons) and BBP87 (Hellweg), so maybe there will be more dups for trade once I get my hobby box!).

 All the cards in this post are trade bait!


  1. I would really enjoy the Verlander.

  2. If you end up with some Red Sox doubles...

  3. If not gone we can work out the verlander ! posted this 30 seconds from recieving the Dimwit !! Still not fast enough !