Saturday, July 14, 2012

My muse returns... oh I'm screwed...

So, I had resisted... I saw the posts... I remembered my 12 step programs... I knew that nothing would get me back into the mess. I knew that there was no thing as "just one more". I struggled on the precipice, telling myself not to take that first leap. That no matter what, I would end up jaded and hurt in the end. This blog has been a wasteland of non-coverage of a certain product since it's abysmal release 12 months ago... but alas, Topps went and un-screwed-up what they screwed up last year so magnificently. I broke my vow. I ended the promise I made to my wife a year ago. I bought 2012 Allen and Ginter...

Two blasters... $40 worth of shame...

Here are the highlights...
The Short Prints... of course, you all know my love for all things Nolan Ryan, and there couldn't possibly be a sweeter looking 2012 A&G card than this one... I'm tearing up a bit... I'm verklempt... talk amongst yourselves... here's a topic: a chickpea is neither a chick nor a pea... discuss...  (if any of you get this reference, you are awesome)...
Do  I like these cards? No, not at all...  I LOVE THEM! Am I going to collect them? Most certainly... as an avid researcher of my own family name, I really like the histories of the player names they give on the back side of these cards...
Mini's... yes, that's a "regular" Adam Jones front, next to a "red bat back" hand numbered /25 Adam Jones. Out of a blaster! Very cool. It's already been offered up to CommishBob, as he's one of the bigger Orioles fans I know, plus he's a Houstonian (ok, Channelview but who's counting) as well! He's excited about the move to the AL for the Astros because it means he'll get to see his O's at least once a year in Houston. Anyways, onto the mini's... I like the famous generals, and the base mini's are great. The only mini's I don't like in this set are the "black border"... which they should just call the "slightly darker than regular border". Giants of the Deep = awesome. Worlds Tallest Buildings insert = Great. Historical Turning Points = meh. Baseball Highlight Sketches = Classy, much better than years past, love the gold border.

The best thing I haven't posted, the Murder Mystery Cards. My wife is intrigued, she loves these kind of things. When I inevitably buy my box, we'll see how many I end up with and we may start working on the code, who knows, maybe we'll solve a murder... hahaha!

No hits from my two blasters, but I honestly wasn't expecting one. It would have been great, but I know Topps seems to be reducing the amount of fun in retail, don't know why. I really like the design on this product, it's leaps and bounds better than last year. I do still wish they'd cut the relic list in half (especially for players who are no longer on the team they are represented on the cards). Has A&G become the dumping ground for left over jersey swatches or what?

Here's hoping I pull something epic out of whatever box I end up with. And A&G, I'm sincerely apologetic for the bad-mouthing I've done over the past year, but you know, you kind of deserved it.


  1. I'd be game for teaming up to try and solve this mystery for real this time. I think there are 50 different willow cove cards out there.

    1. Sounds like a plan... I've got 8 code cards so far... If you want to do something along the lines of swapping code cards or just working on it together, I'm game.

  2. A Coffee Talk with Linda Richman reference, 100 internet points for you sir! :)

    1. And 100 internet points right back at you sir!

  3. Where we talk about Astros, Nolan Ryan, and Topps. No big whoop.

  4. You've finally figured it out ;)