Monday, July 23, 2012

Just another Massive Monday Mailday...

Apparently Monday is my day... tons of packages! Just the way I like the mail box to be! This is going to be an exciting post... a big card from my want list is included... so stay tuned!!!

First up, we have a trade with Brad, he's got a blog called "Brad's Blog" but I can't seem to find it out on the interwebs to link to it! But we sent some cards back and forth, yada yada yada, here's my loot:
Brad also sent a healthy stack of base and SP cards I need for Allen and Ginter! Thanks Brad!

Next up, I participated in Kyle's latest group break over at JABO's and along with my usual Astros I got victimized errrrr randomized the Arizona D-Backs... hehe, sorry D-Backs fans, but you all just outscored us 2,384 to 3 in a sweep and I think Kubel hit 73 home runs in the process this weekend, I'm a little bitter... anyways, I ended up with some great cards. Included in this, Kyle and I made a trade for some A&G mini's I pulled...
Clemens looks very large on that card... how about that Arizona mascot, gotta say that's one of the cooler lookin' mascots in the league.
The Bagwell and Sutil, I believe, are the trade portion, the rest is just because Kyle is awesome and nice! The Farrell is a claim from his points redemption program! Great idea Kyle, great trade and great group break!

Alright, next up I have a random stack of Astros and because I'm a horrible blogger, I can't remember who it's from because I threw the envelope away and it's already in the dumpster... yea, I'm an idiot... if you remember sending me these cards... wait I just remembered, it was Ryan H... yea, definitely Ryan H... anyways... thanks Ryan!
Onward... the next thank you goes out to Chris over at Nachos Grande whom I must also apologize to because I collated the 41 cards he sent me into my 2012 Allen and Ginter stack before I started scanning, because, again I'm a dimwit and I do that kind of thing from time to time! Anyways, Chris sent me a nice healthy stack of A&G base in exchange for a bunch of my mini's and such! Thanks Chris!

Alright... that leads to the big reveal...

You all may be wondering, "Sam really hit it big on his A&G boxes this year... probably sold that Schmidt for quite a bit of dough... what ever would such a great and awesome person do with such funds????" I know it's all on the forefront of your minds, so I'll go ahead and answer that quandary of the soul:
No no no no no... that's not it... that's just an extra card that the seller threw in, maybe for padding purposes, maybe because he was tired of using it as a REALLY light paperweight, or maybe because I spent so much on this that he felt obligated:

One may also wonder, is he REALLY going to keep it in that ugly PSA case???? How about hellz to the no...
Ahhhh.... much better.... What, you want to see gratuitous Gypsy Queen relics? Like I need an excuse!
There you go... that's EVERY mini and full sized relic from 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen!!!! WHAT?!?!!??!?!?! I really can't believe I got this pulled together... the Ruth was the one card I spent at least $100 on, the Gehrig was the other big cash expenditure... most of the others I got through trades... Thanks to all who helped!

Now I'm just working on the autographs from 2011 GQ... if you have any to trade, I'll gladly make it worth your while. Have a great week everyone!!!!!


  1. Congrats om finishing the GQ Relic set! No easy task.

  2. Congrats on completing the set! That Ruth is really nice, much better without that ugly PSA case around it.

  3. Wow! Congratulations on finishing the relic set.

  4. Wow, seeing them all side by side is amazing. Nicely done.

  5. Congrats on completing the relic set! That's awesome! I remember when you started it. Very cool!

  6. nice looking set! I haven;t actually gotten around to writing the blog yet. I'm thinking of starting it up mid august after i buy my case of 2012 topps chrome.. at least thats the plan.

  7. That relic set is wicked awesome. Congrats on completing it.

  8. Grats on completing the set Sam, looks awesome !!

  9. Too awesome, I love those relics!

    Enjoy the Astros. I don't think I have one left in my collection!

  10. haha, you think you're the bad blogger because you couldn't remember who sent you the cards. What kind of blogger does that make me since I haven't posted in almost 3 months?

  11. Congrats, what an awesome set to complete!

  12. The Snob approves. Nice Ruth card, gotta get me one of those.