Friday, July 13, 2012

July Group Break - Box #3 - 2008 UD SPX Baseball!

Sorry for the delay everyone... my wife and I just left a doctor's appointment after I got off work and my brakes went out on my car... after more $$$ on the credit card, I have functional brakes! YAY!!!

Alright, I know why you all are here...

Scans after the page break...

Alright, here are a couple of the inserts, plus a selection of base cards!
Next up, 4 rookie autos and the Griffey inserts...
Finally, the bulk of the hits!
By far the best of the lot is the Thome.... I swear it sucks that the patch is so obviously the star from the Phillies jersey and that Richard ended up getting shut out from the hits as well. Really don't know why the put him in a Phillie uni in the picture, with the patch, and then the name on the card and the logo on the back is the White Sox logo. Sorry, but by my usual rules, this card goes to the White Sox. So congrats to Arno! Congrats to Spankee for the nice Griffey jersey card as well! Lots of great cards here, the Posada is great + low numbered, the Fielder auto is pretty nice too!

Alright and finally we have the randomization for the Tiger Woods Sports Royalty card...
So it'll go to jamicfin. I was really hoping every slot would get a hit... but alas we ended up with 3 slots lacking one. Although we did end up with 11 hits out of the last box... which was a nice little bonus in the "Bonus Pack"!

I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the break. If you have any comments or feedback for the next break, let me know. Seriously, if the format isn't working or if there is something I'm doing that can be improved upon, I'm open to any and all feedback.


  1. Woo! Oh, also I moved so my address is different from the one I gave you in our last trade. I'll email you.

  2. Sweet! My Griffey-Reds decision paid off. Thanks for the break!

  3. Sweet! My Griffey-Mariners decision didn't. Thanks for the break! Amazing cards pulled!

  4. Note to self: On the Dimwit's next break, forget the Cubs, forget the Rangers, PICK THE F'ING BREWERS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nice Break Sam. Yeah, it sucks, Upper Deck screws the collector again! Probably why they don't have an F'ING MLB license anymore!! I think that everyone involved in the break would agree (and I'm not saying change your rules, your rules are fine) THAT'S not a freaking White Sox card! UD should be shot for pulling that crap. Any card company should be shot for that crap! Of course I get my hopes up a bit looking at the pictures, then read your by-line about the White Sox listing on the card, REALLY!! Oh well, that's the way it goes, somedays you really kill it, somedays you are road pizza!!

    Nice card and congrats Arno! If you decide not to keep that one, let me know what I can find for you in trade...

    It's all good gang, I've got a post for later this week, Arno may have gotten a REAL nice PHILLIES jersey swatch, but, thanks to someone that loves me, that lives in Jersey, my very cool uncle Bill, I've got a whole new jersey for my collection!!

    Later gang,