Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Trade With The Commish! ---And a reader survey question at the end...

Lost in the excitement yesterday, I also got a trade package from CommishBob and I couldn't be happier. You see, Bob lives in the Houston area so he's got a bit of a pipeline to Astros cards and he's not a purely Astros collector. So he can send me awesome Astros cards like these:
But here's the real linch pin of the deal, another Gypsy Queen auto to add to my modest collection of GQ autos from 2011... yes, I'm trying to put the autograph set together (short of Aaron, Koufax and probably 2 or 3 others who are out of my price range):
Alright, someone needs to have a little talk with Shane about this thing called an "autograph". It's not just your initials and a squiggle. Then again, as long as it's consistent from product to product then I guess we can't complain too much, right?

Alright, exciting news coming to the blog later this week about a card I've been chasing for quite a while... and it'll involve freeing said card from some mightily stubborn plastic... I may need some advice... what's the best way to free a graded card that you don't want to have trapped in a slab???? You know, without damaging said card...


  1. I have never tried to "un-slab" a card but there are some good videos on youtube that show people doing it, doesn't look to incredibly difficult.

  2. I'm told pliers are a pretty good way to separate most slabs.

    Personally, I use a hammer just because it's so much fun!!!

  3. Pliers are probably the best way to go. Although I did have my friend run one of the few graded cards I've received over it with his bike. That seemed to work, too. (True story.)

  4. I've used a Dremel tool with a spinning disc attachment. I remember specifically rescuing my '59 Killebrew that way. I was nervous as hell though.

    Glad you enjoyed the cards.