Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Couple of Blasters... and some other stuff I got...

Well, here's a short video with a couple of blasters.... 2012 A&G and Platinum... got me a 1:1,982 pack odds card!
Here is a scan of the good stuff from Platinum...
Also the Pablo Sandoval was a gold parallel and the Leonys Martin was a green parallel... anyways, fun blaster and got me a decent hit... nothing money making of course but nice. The Williams above is an x-fractor, and the Wheeler and Perez are some type of refractor. I really like the Top Prospects insert set. Not sure I'll buy much more of Platinum but it is a nice set for sure. Nothing remarkable from the A&G, so no scans...

Here is a recent Nolan Fontana purchase:

Let's see how this goes... trying some "in post ads".... see what blogger is trying.... so only click below if you want to go to to check out the ad below... if you hate this, please say so in the comments...
"Mark McGwire Topps USA Baseball Card Photograph"

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Would you be willing to trade the Allen Graig.

  2. Nice Ficociello auto. That's the guy you were thinking about that I collect.Would you mind cutting the card in half and sending me the top?