Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2nd Team Randomization

Alright everyone... the boxes are here... but before I open anything, I am going to do the second team randomization and allow everyone some time to swap teams. I didn't expect to get the boxes until much later in the week...
OK, so here's the list of names & teams:
1) Atlanta - jaybarkerfan
2) Boston - Matt Perry
3) Chicago Cubs - Matt Pederson
4) Cincinnati - Spankee
5) Detroit - Jeffrey
6) Houston - The Dimwit
7) Los Angeles Dodgers - Arno
8) Minnesota - The Dimwit
9) New York Mets - BA Benny
10) New York Yankees - The Lost Collector
11) Philadelphia - Richard N.
12) Seattle - Kyle4KC
13) St. Louis - jamicfin
14) Tampa - Spankee
15) Texas - Matt Pederson

And here is the results of the randomization:
Alright here are the assignments:
1) Atlanta & Kansas City - jaybarkerfan
2) Boston and San Diego - Matt Perry
3) Chicago Cubs & Arizona - (TRADE WITH KYLE4KC) - Matt Pederson
4) Cincinnati & Washington - Spankee
5) Detroit & Pittsburgh - Jeffrey
6) Houston & Colorado - The Dimwit
7) Los Angeles Dodgers & Chicago White Sox - Arno
8) Minnesota & Milwaukee - The Dimwit
9) New York Mets & Los Angeles Angels - BA Benny
10) New York Yankees & Baltimore - The Lost Collector
11) Philadelphia & Cleveland - Richard N.
12) Seattle & Oakland (TRADE WITH MATT PEDERSON) - Kyle4KC
13) St. Louis & Toronto - jamicfin
14) Tampa & Miami - Spankee
15) Texas & San Francisco- Matt Pederson

Alright, there are the team assignments! Anyone wanting to trade, just post in the comments and once a trade is agreed upon by both parties, have one of you e-mail me with confirmation. I will not be trading my second teams at all, so I may go ahead and start video'ing the breaks tonight and get the first video loaded tomorrow as soon as I get home from work. SO... if you want to make deals, you have 24 hours! The clock starts now!!!!!


  1. I'm willing to trade Toronto, maybe for San Francisco?

  2. Angels up for grabs for Padres, Orioles, or White Sox.

  3. I think I'm going to keep San Fran, but Oakland is up for grabs if anyone wants them.

  4. Keeping the Royals. I smell MOJO

  5. I'll trade the D'backs for the A's.

    1. Sounds good. I'll e-mail Sam to make it official.