Friday, June 8, 2012

Trade Night... and a Trade...

First up, a trade with blog reader Jake! I knocked out a huge chunk of his GQ need list and he sent over a few mini's for me and "future considerations" as we ran out of cards to make a deal. Jake, your cards are in the mail tomorrow!
I picked up this Lester for trade bait... you know who you are...

Thanks Jake!

Next up, we had trade night last Saturday at BigHits Sportscards. The turnout was pretty low for several reasons, probably the biggest was that WWE was in town. Anyways, instead of pack wars and trivia, the guys basically just gave a prize out to everyone who came... here's my loot of purchases and freebies!
Ok, so the Dale Murphy auto was my freebie prize... yes, I bought more GQ... yes, it was rather Red Sox-centric oddly enough... The Youk and Mantle are SP's and the Freeze green border just looks cool...
A guy named Kevin opened a pack of Tribute, he got a Salvidor Perez auto... he was not happy... he didn't want his base cards! I claimed them in the name of a Nolan Ryan collector, plus that Hamilton is just sick and numbered 74/75. The Molitor and Hamilton are up for trade for sure!
Finally, I threw down some cash for a box of Artifacts... and was "rewarded" with Peralta, Betancourt and Holliday... oh yea, that Jeter swatch is pretty damn sick. All trade bait!

Alright, that was my weekend last week... 

Tonight, I was very proud of myself... I went to Target and got eye to eye with the card aisle and walked away without buying anything. There was GQ tempting me, Archives taunting me and Series 2 giving me the stink-eye. I resisted. I think I'm going to find a case break of Series 2 to join and see what goods I can get. Other than that, I have no need to go bonkers over series 2, or to buy any more Archives, I have all the cards I could possibly want. I still have a misguided idea that GQ is going to reward faithful buyers, I just can't get it through my head that they nearly doubled production this year compared to last... 


  1. Will you part with that GQ Youkilis. SP?

  2. Woah, sick haul. Guess I'm going to have to go astros shopping now huh? Lol