Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trade... and eBay... and a patent (pending) Dimwit rant...

First up we have Jeroen, our favorite Dutch Card Guy with another trade from across the seas...

He sent me a slew of older Astros, including these greats:
But the crux of this trade is this amazing PATCH card!
 I believe that's a nice chunk of one of the numbers of his jersey! A great card from 2005 Chrome!

Next up, an auto I picked up super cheap on eBay!
For under a $2.00 shipped, I picked up an on-card auto of one of the young guys who should be in the Houston rotation for a while.

On a separate note, I'm a little miffed at ESPN's reaction (namely Buster "East Coast Home-er" Olney Jr.) and his remarks about Matt Cain's Perfect Game, saying in so many words "chill out people, it's the crappy Astros who are horrible and deserve no respect from us baseball 'old-timers' who cover this game, let's wait and see if Cain can do it against a REAL team". Look Buster (if that is your REAL NAME), the Astros have a respectable squad this year, we aren't the joke of a team we were last year, a team that finished with over 100 losses. This team is well on their way to a decent season considering the dire predictions everyone had at the beginning of the year (myself included). This team is fun to watch. We ran into a GREAT pitcher when he had his best stuff, give the guy some respect. His team played great defense behind him as well. That shot by Schafer to deep right center, 95% of the time that's a double... just happened that last night the fielder got to it. And it was, from the highlights I saw, an amazing performance by Cain. This was not Cain vs. a AAA team... this was Cain against a team of guys who would still be on other teams' roster for the most part. No, we aren't the '27 Yanks, but we aren't the even the worst team in baseball this year... let's not forget that it was the defending World Series champs who got no-hit earlier this year, it can happen to any team when a pitcher like Cain puts up a game like he did last night. Alright, rant done.


  1. The whole thing with that is simple. If it was so easy, then why hasn't anybody else done it?

  2. Rant on. Your 'stros are a scrappy, young bunch that deserve more credit than Olney gives them. Every time I've seen them they play hard and with energy. Teams like that don't just roll over for Matt Cain or anyone else.

    I love Altuve and can't comprehend how Uggla is leading the pack at 2B while Altuve is logging only the 4th most votes for the All-Star game. I guess chicks (and everyone else) dig the long ball, because that's really the only category that Altuve hasn't shined. It's a travesty if you ask me.

  3. Buster's a dick. If the 'Stros were packed with 8th grade kids, I could see the statement. Fact is the Astros have a decent record, have talent on the team, and pitching a perfect game is not easy. According to, over 200k games have been played (seems low, but ok). 22 perfect out of 200,000 = .011% of them.

    Buster....yer a dick.

  4. just throwing this out there... its kmsrocknj from the june group break... i have 2 craig biggio autos from 2007 ultimate edition... any interest in a trade?

  5. I think back to Eric Milton's 9/11/1999 no-hitter against the Angels' call-ups, now that was a weak team. You're a fellow flyover state fan -- what the heck are you doing watching the East-coast Sports Promotion Network, anyway?

  6. Buster Olney has a lisp.

    I watched the game starting in the second inning or so. Cain would have done it to any team. He had everything working, including some great defense.

  7. The fact that it could happen to any team is just the beauty of the game.
    The fact that Olney chose to cheapen the beauty of the game further proves his dickishness.
    Some of the commentators on MLB Network have made off-hand remarks to the degree that I question their credentials on a fairly regular basis.
    Except for Costas. I never question Costas.