Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Purchase and a Trade...

I bought me a Brett Wallace auto off eBay on the cheap...
Brett impressed me a bit with his recent call up, seems like losing a bunch of weight and growing out his hair turned him into mini-Samson. Showed more power in this brief stint than he did all of last year combined in my opinion.

Next up, blog reader Brad was seduced by the double Jimmy Rollins hits I got out of my latest crack box... err Gypsy Queen box... he didn't have any Astros for me, but I picked up some trade bait instead...
Gotta say I really like the retro-relics from Archives. Didn't pull any myself but they look pretty cool. I have no clue who Chuck Diering is... but figured there would be a Giants fan out there who did and would want his auto! 

Hope everyone's week is going better than mine so far... have a great day everyone!

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  1. I love that Chuck Diering auto but picked one up myself already. Good luck finding another Giants trader, if you track one down send him/her my way - I have a few boxes of dups.