Saturday, June 23, 2012

Massive Mail Day!

Alright, let's get rolling with contest winnings from Matt over at Number 5 Type Collection! The randomizer scored me this sweet 1951 Bowman George Kell:
Loved on a bit, but that's my kind of vintage. Yes, PSA 10's are great, but I find it hard to enjoy a card that's slabbed. Thanks Matt!

Next up, an eBay purchase! Only once I got it here and took a look did I realize that I got the wrong "back" card... this is a red GQ back... and as you all certainly know, for 2011 I'm going for the set of "regular" back cards... anyone got this card with the original back and want to swap with me????
Anyone who could help would gain much appreciation, and you'd also get this card back in return (and who knows what else!!!)...

Jeff over at My Sports Obsession was giving away cards... he sent over a nice healthy stack of Topps Unique, as I think I may go after the base set... and these great cards...
More vintage! YAY! And the Towles auto is nice and numbered /500! SWEEET! Thanks Jeff!

My good buddy David over at Rhubarb Runner not only runs a great blog, but he also has a thing for the Minnesota Twins... which works great as I keep pulling Twins cards that interest him. I got a Scott Baker relic out of a recent box of Artifacts and a trade developed... here's my loot:
I have very few Kent relics from his Astros days, so this is great... anything with Maddux and Bagwell is awesome, and by golly that Topps Gallery Artist Proof looks RIDICULOUS!!!! Thanks David!

Finally I got a package from Oscar over at All Trade Bait, All The Time... he busted some GQ a while back and I laid claim to the mini's... by now, there wasn't but one or two that I needed, but they can all be used to help me make trades to get the ones that I do need! Thanks Oscar!
SWEET! I love me some GQ mini's!!!! YAY!!!!!


  1. What a great mail day! Glad the Kell arrived safely.

  2. I'm not sure where the auto card came from but when I saw it, I knew it had to go in your package. Glad you liked it.