Monday, June 25, 2012

Just another Massive Mail-day... oh oh oh... wish it were... ok, I'll stop...

Now that I have the catchy tune in your head (come on, you know you all love The Bangles)... I got a bunch of packages in the mail today... let's get started with my favorite blogger who recently returned to the blogging realm after a nine month or so absence... the one and only... B A Benny!!!! We put together a MASSIVE deal after his return and here's my side of the loot!
The Bagwell here is the jewel amongst them all... Various Astros past and present... I really like the Sweet Beginnings from Sweet Spot. I miss that set!
The oversized manufactured relic from Vintage Sports cards that we've all seen out of the Target re-packs is pretty cool... the Patridge was thrown in there for my wife's collection. I believe the Oswalt and Wandy's are duplicates so if anyone is interested in those, make me an offer! Mike also sent over a nice healthy stack of base Astros cards as per the usual!

Finally, the cornerstone of the deal was this AMAING CARD!!!! It is the next-to-last one that I need for the set of mini relics from 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen!!!!!
Munson was such a bad@$$. He just looks like a dude you wouldn't mess with on this card! Now, I just have my sights set on the Babe Ruth and my mini relic set will be complete! Mike, I know it hurt to trade away the Munson but believe me this card will be taken care of very well! Thanks for another great trade my friend, it truly is great to have you back in the blog world!

Next up... a big shipment from COMC... I went on a bit of a splurge!
 Yay!!!! Mini's!!!!!
 Most of these, I got for under $2 a piece! The Jumbo Bagwell swatch is SICK!!!! Plus you have the Biggio triple relic with pants, jersey and shoe! I really like the quad bat with Biggio, Alomar, Boone and Vidro! Sweeeeet!!!!!
And here we have a bunch of Gypsy Queen pick ups! I decided to go after as many of the autographs from the set as possible... as there is no definitive checklist, I may be picking up autos from this set from here to eternity... there are a couple of checklists on the web, but there were several autos that didn't make pack out (like Brett Wallace and others) and Topps has never confirmed the actual list of available autos to my knowledge.  Oh, and you may wonder why Jon Garland is randomly thrown in there... well this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've bought his SP card from the set and I have accidentally traded the others away not remembering I bought them to complete my base set! I realized my error and this one is not going anywhere but in the binder!

Next up is Kyle from JABO's. We made a straight forward 1-for-1 swap... here's my card!
A nice Beltran relic! I don't have a bunch from his Astros days, so I snatch up any I can get. He was a big part of that 2004 squad and I wish we would have been able to re-sign him, but it was obvious that he was looking for a spot in the big city at the time and the Mets sure dealt out the cash to get him. Nice to see him have a bit of a resurgence this year and last with the Cardinals and Giants. Thanks Kyle!

Finally, The Diamond King sent me over some Bagwell inserts... Going to have to find something nice to send back his way for sure!
Wow, that's one heck of a mail day! Thanks Kevin!

Whew... I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time updating spreadsheets and the like... hope you all enjoyed the massive amounts of cards added to my collection today and thanks to all who contributed!


  1. Audrina for the Wife's collection??? You're not fooling anyone. :-)

    Nice haul on the rest of the stuff.

  2. Manic Monday was The Bangles, not Cyndi Lauper...

    Oh and to redeem some sense of masculinity, um, nice haul!

  3. Great looking cards. I didn't know there was a 2nd Mlicki in the majors, or that guy also known as Dave.

    I am afraid I have to call you on the Cyndi Lauper mistake though. How could you forget that that is a Bangles song? I was so in love with Susanna Hoffs from 1987-1991 ish.

  4. Wow, very impressive additions to your collection!