Friday, June 1, 2012

June Group Break - Blasters!

So I offered up two blasters if the group break filled by Sunday night, much to my amazement it filled in about 5 hours! Ridiculous!

So here's the video of the blasters if you care to watch... scans after the page break!

Here's the Archives highlights:
Tops row are SP's and foil board... Two cloth cards & a 3-D... then the floating head and two original inserts!
SP's and mini's!

Hope you all enjoyed! Zero Astros, but hopefully everyone else got something they liked!


  1. Did you even get any Astros?

  2. No Orioles in the Archives. I bought 4 packs and didn't pull a single Oriole there either. Fail.

  3. Ever since you nailed the three Zim hits in the Artifacts break, I'm terrified of your group breaks. I just can't imagine a situation where I would be even remotely lucky in another one after that. Nothing personal...

  4. I'm happy with how the draft is going so far. I needed that Cutch cloth sticker and the Madlock SP.