Sunday, June 10, 2012

I have a problem... My wife has scheduled an intervention...

The wife and I stopped by the card shop yesterday... I started busting GQ packs... I couldn't stop myself... here's the highlights...
It was a Jimmy Rollins hot box! :(

That's the second Brett Anderson auto I've pulled along with my Brad Peacock... any A's collectors??? Do I hear crickets???

The Cruz is nice and at least the Rollins full size has a nice pin stripe.

I also pulled a Gehrig /99 Sepia mini.

Alright, that's all today folks...


  1. I have somehow, so far, not bought a single pack of GQ and, since Topps didn't include George Brett in it and with Archives out, I probably won't.

  2. What would you want for the 2 rollins cards?

  3. Peacock auto for that Beltran GU I've been holding for you?