Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey USPS... you are hereby charged with Buffoonery...

When the envelope says "Please do not bend", that means that the sender and recipient of said envelope do not want you to bend the living daylights out of the envelope... simple enough right?

You would think so...

Lead prosecutor T. D. Dimwit, Esquire would like to present state evidence #1-A...
I would say the names of the innocent have been redacted but we all can see this is plainly a Biggio/Bagwell dual relic. Notice the double bend, one slightly to the right and below Biggio's bat and then the massive one that seemingly runs through Bagwell's bat relic.  

I rest my case your honor.

I fully blame USPS on this one. This is a trade with a good blogger and I will not sully his good name but we recently made a trade and yes his envelope is still in a stack to be mailed tomorrow by my lovely wife. I've had worse mangling from USPS, but this is still a great card! Dual bats of two of my most favorite players of all time? SWEEET!

USPS, you are a dirty scoundrel and I demand a dual to the death... at midnight, by the big oak tree... doesn't matter which one, just pick one... I'll find you... muahahahaha...


  1. Need to pack it better! Just because it says "Do not bend" doesn't mean it won't get bent. Just like "No smoking" doesn't mean people won't still smoke there. Take precautions, use toploaders and extra cardboard liberally.

  2. I'll step up and take the blame, although despite the fact that I sent that in a PWE, it was in a nice, rigid toploader, and when I went to mail it I clearly specified that the item inside was non-bendable (in addition to writing "do not bend" on it). I thought I could get away with a PWE for sending a solitary card, but I guess my expectations for the USPS remain too high. Sorry about that, Sam--I'll make it up to you the next time we trade.

  3. In defense of the post office...oh who am I kidding, I'd ship cards by carrier pigeon if I could avoid the PO.