Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Group Break Box #2 - 2008 Topps Co-Signers

Well, no 1/1 in this box... not every box can be so epic!

Scans after the break!

We'll start with the parallels!
From least rare (/400).... to the most rare (below)... the Upton and Francis/Jimenez look great... if it weren't Jeter/Posada, I'd say it's awesome too... haha!
And now on to the hits... unfortunately it was pretty crap-tastic in that we got an expired redemption... and a redemption for a boxer no less... and a redemption I almost threw away...
Congrats to Matt Perry... he wins this box for sure... and as for the Aaron Pryor card, Matt wins that as well, as I had Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping do a randomization of all numbers 1 through 15, and he posted the results last night ( The winning number (3) corresponds to the list of team assignments from the second team randomizations.

If anyone in the break wants the expired redemption card, please let me know via comment. I'll randomize those names separately and include it in your package. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll send you something, maybe they'll just leave a bag of flaming poo on your doorstep... Thanks Topps for a redemption for an auto that could have easily made pack-out. Seriously, it would have been a sticker auto... LAME...

Thanks for stopping by everyone...


  1. I will throw my name in the hat for the redemption.

  2. Finally got the gypsy queen set in a binder. Looks great! thanks for the trade