Monday, June 4, 2012

And the June Group Break begins... Box #1 Topps Unique!

Here you go everyone... PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO... don't just skip to the pictures... I think my freak-out is probably worth it... ;)

Scans after the page break...
Alright, here's the scans...
Red border parallels /1199 and then the rookie paralles /2699!
A nice Mariano /99 parallel and a Mariners rookie I doubt many of you know...

On to the hits! Ok, so the Braves really scored big here with a double and a patch relic!
 And finally the big daddy of them all...

a 1 of 1...

with an autograph...

and... well... see for yourself!!!!

RIDICULOUS! Congrats to Matt Pederson... I even had a chance to trade for the Brewers but turned it down to hold onto the Twins!!!! DANGIT!!!!! Wow, great card!!!!! SWEEEEEEEET!!!!


  1. Woah! Yeah. Feelin' really awesome about that trade now. lol.

    Awww, that's ok. What on earth would I have done with a Gallardo bat knob anyway. At least it's going to someone who can find it a good home. Awesome pull for Matt. :)

  2. Gotta say, I'm pretty happy with my pulls as well! (Good rule of thumb though, don't let out a loud HELL YEAH in a Hampton Inn. The walls are paper thin and the guy next door is not very understanding. I told him two Chipper hits, 5 Chippers in all. He didn't care.)

  3. I think all at the same time, we had the most excited anybody has even been to pull a Yovani Gallardo card, the most excited anybody has ever been to WATCH somebody pull a Yovani Gallardo card, and tha most disappointed anybody has ever been to watch somebody pull a Yovani Gallardo card.

    Seriously, I was just hoping to pull some singles of Braun or Fielder I could trade away. Didn't expect Gallardo to creep up there.

  4. Those hits are frigging insane. That was one amazing box.