Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Posts in One Day???? Surely You Jest...

I don't jest, and don't call me Shirley... (that never gets old, thank you Leslie Nielson)

It was a big mail day here in Alabama... so I figured I'd get this posted as soon as we got back to the apartment...

First up is Jeroen from The Dutch Card Guy... he bought into a group break over at Nachos Grande and the Astros were his random team and we made a trade where I ended up with his Astros... so these cards went from Nachos Grande's home to The Netherlands and now to Mobile, AL... these cards have had a tiresome journey but they are home at last... :)
A nice mix of base cards!
Bagwell jersey, numbered parallel and an auto of a failed prospect I had never heard of...  Thanks Jeroen!!!!

Next up, a couple of eBay purchases toward the GQ Full Sized relic set... inching closer and closer!!!!

Finally, Adam from Thoughts and Sox sent me a nice "just because" Astros package...
Thanks Adam... that Pence looks RIDICULOUS scanned... it's out of /999!

Alright, that's all.... for now...


  1. Great to see they have arrived safely after a long journey ! Thanks for the trade !