Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Ridiculous "Care Package" from Andrew

Blogger commenter and group break participant Andrew sent me a "care package" yesterday and man, is it ridiculous! I never knew anyone cared about me so much!!! Check out these cards!
The Berkman patch is AWESOME... /99 and again is awesome... Josh Anderson is a prospect we shipped over to Atlanta in some long forgotten trade (Oscar Villareal???) Anyways, a nice selection of vintage and current Astros as well!

Next up, I'm sure initially you'll think, why is the Dimwit highlighting a stupid Brett Myers base card from Gypsy Queen, I'm sure he already has about 20 of them... and why the heck does he have it in a hard snap down case? What's going on here...
All that would be true, except it came with this:
And the back looked like this!!!
Yes, that's a 1/1 blank back straight from the Topps Vault!!! These are only available on eBay via the Topps Vault!

Thanks Andrew, awesome stuff and truly appreciated!!!!!!

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  1. I am glad you liked it man, just a little something from me to you, as a thank you for what you do in the card community!