Saturday, May 19, 2012

A New Trade From a New Blogger! and some COMC action...

Hey everyone, first of all there is a new Cubs blogger in the community. I want you all to head over there NOW... Once a Cub he's got 7 followers and deserves more love from the blog-o-sphere! So go follow him, even if he is a Cub fan... ;) Anyways, Matt from Once a Cub (seriously, click the link and follow, don't make me post the link again) and I recently made a Gypsy Queen centric trade! I sent a bunch of GQ Cubs & Nats his way, he sent a bunch of GQ my way... here's the spoils!
Four of the SP's that I needed! And 3 of the retail inserts I needed as well! Only two retail inserts left that I need! Trumbo Future Stars and Cobb Hallmark Heroes!
 More mini's!!!!!! YAY!!! Thanks Matt for a great trade, and I hope I send some bloggers your way to grow your follower list a bit!

I have a love/hate relationship with COMC... I love buying cards from there... I hate waiting on them to show up... here's my latest round of pick-ups...
Of course it would include 2012 and 2011 GQ Mini's!!!! Plus a Gyspy Queen insert I was lacking. Hey, if anyone has 2011 GQ to trade, I do still have a small, dwindling list of needs for that set as well! Mainly mini's, Gypsy Queen inserts and a couple of high dollar mini relics. Yes, that's right, I have another batch of COMC waiting to be shipped that will complete my Full Sized Relic set... stay tuned for a post that shows off that whole set!

I also scrounged around one seller's page picking off super cheap 1960 Topps... why? Because they are vintage and they were cheap of course! I also picked up my 2nd ever vintage Hank Aaron card, a league leaders card from 1972 Topps!
No recognizable (to me) names from the 1960 Topps, the Torre/Stargell/Aaron card is the treasure amongst these vintage cards. I don't know if you'd be interested in these Red Sox, Matt/DocHoloday, but if you are, let me know...

That's it for today everyone! Hope you enjoyed the show! Have a great weekend... The Hotwit and I have been busy since yesterday afternoon helping foster 3 awesome kittens that were abandoned by their mother at my work. They are about 8 weeks old, very loud and feeling better already. We don't know how long they were on their own, but the vet said they were very malnourished so we're getting back to health. Just trying to keep the wife from getting attached... they have a home to go to, it just won't be ready until next week some time. Hopefully they all stay well and healthy until then!

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  1. Nice! I actually recognize two of those three. I'm always interested in Sox, but I haven't gotten bit by the vintage bug yet, so I'm on the fence. They sure are cool though. Tempting, very dangerously tempting, lol.