Monday, May 7, 2012

May Group Break - Box #1 - Topps Opening Day

Here's the video if you choose to endure it...

Here's the scans! Inserts a plenty!
My favorite insert set, the mascots!
 Some very nice blue bordered cards!
"Elite" skills... really? Ummmm... yea, maybe not the most elite but whatever... haha...
Another great insert set, the Fantasy Squad!
And the insert set that, in my opinion, makes Opening Day worth buying! The 3D Opening Day Stars!!!!

Here's the scan of the celebrations that I thought my computer had eaten, it mis-filed it for some reason, who knows...

We didn't beat the odds with an auto in this box :( but I was pretty happy with it overall!

Tomorrow we have the 2012 Topps Heritage Hobby Box!


  1. My connection is a bit slow at the moment so can't watch the video. Will have to do it tommorow :)

    Any superstar celebrations pulled?

  2. Yes. Apparently my computer ate that scan.... and i have already soeted all the cards! DOH!

  3. It's ok, I watched the video and the Lawrie I was looking for came out :)

    Also saw an Uggla and a Trout, among others

  4. Woot! Molina insert, ha ha!
    Looking forward to seeing what the other two boxes have in store!