Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 2012 Group Break - Box #3 - 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

Here's the video... third and final box of the May Group Break!

Scans after the page break!
Here are your scans!

First up, the mini's!!! My favorite!!!! The first row and first four cards of the second row (as well as the last horizontal card) are from the mini box!
The one-per-hobby box Green mini goes to the Reds! The Giants get the /99 Sepia mini while the Yanks and Orioles add a black border mini to their collections!
Ok, this gets a bit complicated, but follow me... the first four cards on row one are all GQ Red Backs, the first 4 cards on the second row are all Straight Cut backs, and all the rest are regular backs. If ANYONE doesn't want any or all their mini cards (because you're prejudiced, just think they are stupid, or are benevolent in the knowledge I'm collecting these bad boys) please let me know, I'd love to use as many towards my collection as possible!!!! Plus, I'll definitely compensate you with a card or two thrown in your lot for the exchange!
We got 5 short prints in the box and a nice selection of teams as well. We got a Gypsy King, which I think fall one every two boxes. The Murray and Gibson blue border /999 are sick!!!!

On to the inserts!
Sliding Stars are great shots of, well, stars sliding...
Moonshots shows off prodigious HR hitters! Notice the Hamilton in there... nice 4-HR day yesterday there buddy...
Glove Stories, the much maligned insert set this year, I'm not a huge fan, but I do gotta say it's about time that Griffey catch gets a card!

And finally the HITS!!!!
Adam Jones has quietly resurrected his career a bit in Baltimore, I won't complain about landing a hit in the final box and congrats to the Cardinals and Nats for a couple of sweeeeet autos!

Well, there you go everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the break! 

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  1. Fantastic break, Sam!
    I loved the format of this one, and I'm looking forward to the next!