Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crazy Day of Purchases and Trades!

Alright, first and foremost, TRADES!!!

Matt Perry (DocHoloday)
       Matt recently purchased a bunch of Gypsy Queen and one of his hits caught my eye... he's a guy I've always wanted a "hit" of but figured there weren't many out there. I didn't realize he was sending a me a buttload of mini's as well but here's the loot!

The Maris is just a sweet card, and it's definitely staying in my Keepers collection! Lots of mini's! I love it! Thanks Matt!

Jeffrey (Blog Reader)
     Jeffrey was so kind to send this awesome card my way!
SWEEEET! Now I just need the blue border!!!! I know someone out there has it! The retail brown borders are awesome, just as much as the blue! I haven't seen a 1/1 black pulled yet but I'm sure they are ridiculously awesome!

Purchases... hold on to your seats everyone, this is going to be a long one!
First up, Kyle from Jabo's pointed this card out to me and I was able to pick it up at auction for $2.75 w/ free shipping!
/50! Sweeeeeet!

Next up, I picked up two rack packs of GQ the other day... here are the highlights!
 Again, the brown borders are awesome... in the top row, a couple of SP's!
J.P. Arencibia... not the worst auto one could pull this year!

Next up, I bought some cards from the LCS today... picked up a couple Berkman relics:
 And a card I had my eye on at the shop for some time...
A guy from the classic, Tinkers-To-Evers-To-Chance triple play combo! And a relic that dates back 100 years!!!! I finally pulled the trigger and happy I did... another non-Astro going into the permanent collection!

Finally, I knew I needed to get some retail GQ in order to get the Retail insert sets going... I picked up a total of 23 of the 30 I needed... here's the highlights of everything I got that I was able to remove from my want lists from the bunch of blasters I picked up! - Plus the black border, green border and sepia mini's I pulled...
 Inching closer and closer to the mini set!!!! I need more mini's!!!!!!!!!!!
Delgado auto, can't say I know of him... Gallardo, I now have his full and mini relics...  three more base SP's I needed!
Well, that wraps it up everyone! Please see my Want/Have list for 2012 Gypsy Queen if you want to make a deal, link is in the side bar! If there is a team you're collecting and want mini's I can go through and pull all the ones I've got for that team and let you know if you'd rather not go through all the numbers!

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  1. That Evers card is really sweet. A hundred year old relic? Hod does Topps come up with items like this?