Monday, April 2, 2012

Tri City Sports PL FAILS Again

As many of you are aware, I previously held a sponsorship agreement with Tri City Sports PL. After their latest "product" (laminated signed index cards), I decided it was no longer a product I could stand behind, endorse or collect. At the time of the last product release, they offered bloggers the opportunity to preview the product as well as run a contest to give away a /5 cut auto. Many participated in the contest despite the various issues we had getting the rules established. I had major problems with the ways in which TCSPL dictated content on my blog, and in the end it factored in my decision to no longer endorse their product.

In the contest, TCSPL offered the /5 cut auto for anyone who guessed the decade and team of the cut auto that I pulled. I ended up pulling Bobby Valentine from the Rangers, and TheBrooklynMet had guessed it correctly. I forwarded his information to TCSPL and I trusted (erroneously) that it would go well from there.

Well, to say that it didn't go well would be an enormous understatement. I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger who got the same "opportunity" as I did to host such a train wreck of a contest. Apparently the winner of their contest did NOT receive a /5 cut auto, rather they received two Bryce Harper TCSPL made (laminated picture) "RC" rookie cards, with no autograph at all. It turns out that my "winner" (TheBrooklynMet) also received the same "prize". Upon contacting TCSPL, the leadership at that organization responded with nothing more than "our records show a cut auto was shipped, deal with it" type of response. When confronted with a second "winner" who got the same prize, their response was another "our records show they both got a cut auto, deal with it" type of response.

The other blogger made an impassioned plea to "make it right" and was re-buffed. They weren't hearing it. Their records, whatever convoluted backwards Polish record keeping they use, are not to be argued with. Oh, and they have absolutely ZERO inventory to provide any kind of "make up" prize either. Their claims fall on deaf ears here at The Daily Dimwit, as I've dealt with this company's shenanigans twice now. TCSPL, this is no way to enter the US market, we are a group of savvy collectors, we aren't a bunch of push overs who are just going to put up with your crap.

For all my readers, please do not ever support this company. In my opinion, they are nothing more than swindlers, liars and crooks. Not only are their products (in my opinion) garbage, they feel they must try and dictate content on blogs, run shams for contests and take us for fools to think we're going to believe that they shipped winners /5 autos and that magically they turned into worthless "Bryce Harper" RCs in the mail.

For all my readers, please let me know what you think I should send TheBrooklynMet as a replacement prize since Tri City Sports PL REFUSES to do the right thing and provide what THEY PROMISED.

TCSPL, you reneged on your promises, and refused steadfastly to do the right thing, you must now face the consequence of being outed as a fraud of a company.


  1. Hey, you're more than welcome to endorse MY product! *nudge nudge* ANNNND I won't even censor you! How's about that?

    ehhh? ehhhhhh? :D

  2. I say the least you can do is send him a /5 Samuel Pair Cut Auto, but make sure it's laminated. I will be throwing in something Mets related to your draft package that you have coming from me. Feel free to include that in any "get right" pagckage you choose to send!

  3. Wow, that's a low I don't think even Topps or Panini would stoop to. I started a thread over on Blowout so hopefully more people become aware of this, especially the people that hadn't heard of TCSPL:

    Also, if you're making cut autos #d /5, I want #4/5 because your last name contains four letters--EBAY 1/1!

  4. Excellent post, Sam! Shouldn't have been necessary, but you wrote/said it well.

  5. I just feel bad for you. You had to put up with their garbage AND now you feel obligated to send me a make up prize. I appreciate your integrity even if TriCitySports has none.

  6. They shafted Sports Card Radio as well!

  7. I second the Brooklyn Met, your integrity outshines their lack of business ethics. I'm going to go check out Dennis' blowout thread.

  8. They make me ashamed to be Polish. Although I do have TWO Harper rookies now. I'll be a two dollar-aire in no time!

  9. Wow, that's just pathetic. You're doing the right thing by outing them. They clearly deserve all the negative press possible. With so little regard to the sport and the hobby, hopefully they won't be in business long. I second the nomination for a Dimwit /5 cut auto. Hell, it's probably worth more than a stupid laminated Harper photo anyway. :)