Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Loot from Jaybarkerfan's EPIC Trade Bait Draft

Wes over at jaybarkerfan's junk just held a massive and epic trade bait draft... lots of cards! 30 in the draft and then he threw in some extra Astros for me as well! It's been a great week so far... my Astros are 3-1 (on pace for a ridiculous 121-41 season!!!) and I got all these cards...
If any of these pique your interest, they are all for trade (except maybe the Pettitte RC and the Clemens cards)...
Some more great cards! The Morgan is a "card your mother threw out" insert from Topps. Don't know if I have another Rod Carew card in my collection at all!

And here we have the Astros/Nolan/vintage part of the draft for me:
Sadowski I had never heard of, sad I know... wow, bad pun alert.... Blasingame I'm semi familar with and of course I know Don Wilson, first no hitter in Astros history. Sad story there if you ever need some reading material.
 My two non-astros hits. Both for trade if anyone needs/wants them!

And here we have what lured me into the break to begin with!!!!!

From 2011 Marquee, a GREAT swatch (and probably one of the last Astros Pence hits available) from Hunter Pence, a guy I'll always root for just because of the way he plays the game!
Thanks Wes, you held a GREAT DRAFT!!!!!!!

I did get a delivery confirmation number yesterday on the group break boxes. Unfortunately, they aren't slated to get here until tomorrow! But that means I should be able to do a video per night to get us through Sunday and then get the cards out Monday morning!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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