Sunday, April 8, 2012

Museum Collection - A Product Review

Time for another Dimwitted Review...
So at Trade Night last night at my LCS, I picked up some Museum Collection cards. Let's just all agree now that this set is about 1000% better than Marquee last year. These cards are slick. One of the guys at the shop opened up a redemption for a /10 Gold Museum Collection Ken Griffey Jr autograph... going to be a $750+ card there. I wasn't AS luck, but I did pretty well myself...

Here are my base cards:
The Palmer is my parallel for the pack! Apparently they thought I'd really like the Orioles for this pack! Haha!
A great insert hit, a Jeter Canvas Collection card! Awesome looking card, brings me back to the days of UD Masterpieces! Great job Topps!

And now for my hit of the pack!!!! It is awesome... it is numbered /10.... it is both a PATCH and an AUTOGRAPH... it's major MOJO people!!!!!!
Yes, that is a huge chunk of patch in the bottom window... assuming it's from one of his jersey numbers are the straight side of the R in Rays. It's ridiculously awesome. #06/10 and even though it IS a sticker auto, it's framed nicely enough that it's not blatantly obvious enough to ruin the look of the card!

I saw a lot of people pull a lot worse cards than this. And I also made a trade or two and picked up this card (just knowing I'd have people who would LOVE to pick it up)...
OOoooooo would you look at that piece of Cano jersey??? Dirty as all get out... Yanks, Sox, Braves and Phills... #'ed 18/75. Another great job by Topps on this one. Quality jersey swatches for sure. I think the Utley is either dirty or something as well, as it's a bit yellower than the Pedroia swatch. Anyways, great looking cards.

At this point, I personally consider Museum Collection a better value than Tribute as far as for the guys and girls out there collecting for their team and in hope of something awesome. And after watching one guy throw down $2,000 on Tribute last night, I'll stick with a pack of Museum Collection now and again!

Have a great Easter everyone!


  1. I would like to trade for the McCutchen if it's available.

    Great pull with the Longo. That's some sweet mojo!

  2. That Longo is absolutely amazing! Fantastic pull Sam! Go Dirtbags!

  3. wow, great set, the base cards look really nice as does the jeter !

  4. Love it when a jersey has some dirt on it. And great Longoria hit.

  5. Nice pulls my friend! How much was your LCS selling the pack for, just out of curiosity?

  6. Does it make a Yankees fan happy to have that patch if a Sox player is on there, and vice versa? As a Braves fan, I don't know how much I could treasure a Braves/Phillies dual patch card...Though it is pretty sweet!