Monday, April 30, 2012

May Group Break Sign-Ups Are LIVE!!!! 3 Boxes of 2012 Product!

Hey everyone, it's that time of the month... well, not THAT time, but it's Group Break time!!!!

I've got three great products from Topps for this break... all hobby boxes... and a big thanks to Atlanta Sports Cards for their sponsorship of this break!

1) 2012 Topps Opening Day - Hobby Box - 36 packs; 7 cards per pack. Lots of fun cards in this product, I threw this one in just for the fun of it! A very remote chance at an auto, but nothing guaranteed.
2) 2012 Topps Heritage - Hobby Box - 24 Packs; 7 cards per pack; box loader - One auto or relic guaranteed per box. A popular set with lots of variations, SP's and great hits.
3) 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box - 24 packs; 10 cards per pack (1 mini) - 10 card mini box - Of course I couldn't do a break without GQ being involved. You've seen great cards from this set on this blog! In my opinion this is another "home run" by Topps (although I would say the autograph and relic checklist is a bit too long compared to last year) but there are great cards available. 4 hits guaranteed and a good chance at bonus hits with lots of printing plates and new this year are autographs available in the mini's boxes which are exclusive to the hobby boxes.

Alright, I'm not going to take the Astros this time around, as I already have most of their cards from these sets and will probably trade with whoever gets them as their second randomized team if no one buys them outright. I have decided to take the Rangers, as I really want a chance at the Darvish base variation. Sign-ups are first come, first serve... $15 per 2-team slot, as usual one team is your selection, the second team is randomized to you. If you want two slots, that'll be $28. If you want more than 2 slots, e-mail me for a quote. As always, please make payments to my paypal account: samuelpair AT as a GIFT.

Sign up via the comments below. As usual, all multi-team cards will be randomly assigned, if it's one of the "hits" this will be done via video, if it's involving one of the teams I've claimed, it will be done by an independent 3rd party via video and posted to their blog. All cards from "moved teams" such as Montreal will go to the current version of the team (Washington-Montreal), you know how it goes...

Alright, here are the teams... sign up via the comments.

Arizona -
Atlanta -Chris Mays - PAID
Baltimore - jaybarkerfan - PAID
Boston - Matt Perry - PAID
Chicago (NL) - Tom - PAID
Chicago (AL) -
Cincinnati -
Cleveland -
Colorado -
Detroit - Jeffrey W  - PAID
Florida -
Houston -
Kansas City - The Dimwit - PAID
Los Angeles (NL) -Johnson - PAID
Los Angeles (AL) -
Milwaukee -
Minnesota -
New York (NL) - The Dutch Card Guy - PAID
New York (AL) - The Dutch Card Guy - PAID
Oakland -
Philadelphia - Team Phungo - PAID
Pittsburgh -
San Diego -
San Francisco - Johnson - PAID
Seattle -Derek Hill - PAID
St. Louis -jamicfan - PAID
Tampa - Hairylemon - PAID
Texas - The Dimwit - PAID
Toronto -
Washington -

If this fills up within 24 hours, I'll throw in one blaster of 2012 Gypsy Queen as well. You all have until 8:35pm tomorrow, May 1st to get this break filled!


  1. Hey dude. I'll take the Braves. MOney on the way.

  2. May I please have the Cardinals?
    Money is in transit.

  3. Cubs please! Money on it's way.

  4. I'll take the Dodgers and the Giants

  5. I'll take Seattle. Payment tomorrow

  6. What? You took my Rangers!!! Actually, I'm relieved. I can't afford another group break right now!

  7. Team Phungo will take the Phillies, if they are still out there. Thanks.

  8. I'll take the Red Sox, I've got two SPs to find for Heritage, lol :)

  9. Could I take the Rays please Sam?