Thursday, April 5, 2012

GROUP BREAK IS FULL! Send Payment!!! 2nd Team Randomization

Alright, jaybarkerfan took up his 3rd spot and the 15th & final spot overall! Thanks Wes!

So here are the names for the randomization:
1) jaybarkerfan
2) jaybarkerfan
3) Matt Perry
4) Tom
5) jaybarkerfan
6) Baseball Dad
7) Hiflew
8) The Dimwit
9) night owl
10) The Dutch Card Guy
11) Martyn
12) Brad's Blog
13) Pirates Treasure Room
14) Brad's Blog
15) IkesCards

And here are the teams going in the randomization:

Chicago (AL)
Kansas City
Los Angeles (AL)
San Diego
San Francisco

And here is the randomized order:

So the final pairings are:
1) Atlanta & Minnesota - jaybarkerfan - Trade with Tom
2) Baltimore & Texas - jaybarkerfan
3) Boston & Milwaukee - Matt Perry
4) Chicago (NL) & Chicago (AL) - Tom - Trade with jaybarkerfan
5) Cincinnati & Kansas City - jaybarkerfan
6) Cleveland & Florida - Baseball Dad
7) Colorado & Arizona - Hiflew
8) Houston & San Francisco - The Dimwit
9) Los Angeles & Toronto - night owl
10) New York (NL) & San Diego - The Dutch Card Guy
11) New York (AL) & Los Angeles (AL) - Martyn
12) Philadelphia & Oakland - Brad's Blog
13) Pittsburgh & Washington - Pirates Treasure Room
14) Seattle & Tampa - Brad's Blog
15) St. Louis & Detroit - IkesCards

Trade away in the comments.

I'll get the boxes ordered here shortly so hopefully we can start busting ASAP! Still need payment from Hiflew. No rush, just an FYI! I know several of you were waiting for pay day Friday to pay, and that's fine. Thanks!

Again, you guys are all awesome... I consider it a joy that I fill these breaks usually within 24 hours and don't have to drag this out or anything! It's been a long time since I've had to cancel a break or have it painfully drag along waiting for 1 or two more people to seal it up. Thanks for your loyalty and joining in on busting some cards. It really does reel in my desire to bust cards for myself all the time, and gives me the chance to bust some products I missed during my collecting hiatus!


  1. Why does it seem like I always draw Arizona in these things?

    Anyway, they are up for trade for just about anything.

  2. Lovin my randoms! Got a really good feeling about this one!

  3. Jaybarkerfan: it sounds as though you're happy with your randoms, but would you trade the White Sox for the Twins?

  4. I'd take Florida (Miami), San Diego or Texas if anyone is interested in Milwaukee.

  5. Tom-Why not? Let's mix it up, I'll take the Twins and give you the Sox.

  6. I wasn't able to get in on this break in time. I have some of the Giants from these sets but not all. After the break if they are for trade drop me a note!

  7. The Easter Bunny came to see me this morning. No basket was left. Just a note with carrot stains on it that said: SOMETHING HUGE IS GONNA COME OUT OF THIS BREAK!!!

    HAPPY EASTER everyone!

  8. Sam I totally forgot about paying for this. I am heading to Paypal now. Sorry buddy, I hope my lax memory didn't hold the break up or impact your personal funds too much.