Sunday, April 15, 2012

Final Group Break Box - April - Topps Gallery

Here's another word from our sponsor!
And here's the final video of the break!

Scans after the page break!

Here are the foil board inserts, they didn't scan great, but they look GREAT!!!!
 And here are the originals inserts and the "Topps Gallery Cash" insert.

Finally, here are the hits!
 Man Ram!!!
And the Big Hurt!

Finally the coin card! Congrats Brad's Blog!
Hope everyone enjoyed the group break! I am frantically sorting cards this morning and after a run to Big Lot's I'll have enough envelopes for everyone's packages! I am hoping to get them all packaged up today, but if not they'll go in the mail Tuesday at the latest!

Thanks for joining everyone! Can't wait until next month!


  1. Love the Gallery Heritage rookie card paintings... one of my favorite insert sets of all-time.

  2. Was on spring break all week and missed the breaks. It was fun catching up though! Thanks for hosting a great break!

  3. SWEEET. Manny bat and a Nomar original. Awesome break bud!

  4. Never seen those Gallery coin cards...nice.