Monday, April 23, 2012

The Diamond King Strikes Again... and the conclusion of a forgotten contest...

The other day, Kevin over at The Diamond King (belongs in the HOF of blog names, for sure)... posted some discount hits he got at a local card show for about a $1 each... included were a Bagwell and Biggio that I thought were pretty darn cool... he sent them without really requesting anything in return, claiming he owed me cards in a trade (of course I don't remember this debt) but anyways... as you can see from him cryptic message at the bottom, he threw in a few extras...
Great cards... the Wagner and Lane are both serial numbered /99 and /25 respectively. Kevin, you're awesome... expect a return package of thank you cards soon...

Finally tonight... I realized I never made good on my contest that I was running in the side bar for the Gypsy Queen Bronze bordered /999 cards. I completed the set (with about the last 15 cards bought on my own... but who's counting.. hehe)... and now I need to give away the promised prizes to the participants who either traded or freely gave me their cards! So... I entered everyone's name into (one entry for each card, a total of 39 entries)... and randomized it three times... remember, 1st place gets the Brooks Robinson, 2nd place gets the Justin Smoak and 3rd place gets a "hit" from my collection from your favorite team... no duplicate winners, one prize per person... here's randomization #1:
 And the second randomization...
 And finally the third!
Congratulations to Brian over at Play At The Plate... Charles over at Lifetime Topps Project... and Matt H. over at Ten Yards (which I think is his family blog...)

Winners, please send me an e-mail with your address... even if I may already have it... this will serve as a reminder to get these out in the mail later this week! Matt Hickes, please let me know what team you are a fan of and I'll pick out a card or grab one for your from my LCS

Thanks to all who helped put my set together! It kills me to watch this Brooks Robinson go out the door, but it's well worth it considering I was able to put the gold border set together complete... I know I have 1 of only 999 possible sets!!!

I secretly wished BA Benny would have won one of the prizes... I miss his blog and maybe this would have spurred his glorious return to the blog-o-sphere... I haven't heard from him in a while... Mike, if you're out there, let us know you're alright.


  1. I wouldn't have won anyhow (so no big deal) but I thought I sent you at least one bronze card? Did you ever get it?

  2. I play in a fantasy league with Mike still so he's alive at least.

    You ever award a winner of those John Carter cards?