Friday, April 13, 2012

April Group Break - Box #3 - 2001 Topps HD

Hey everyone! Another box, another plug for Baseball Card Exchange!!! Thanks guys!
Alrighty, here's your video for the day... as always, scans after the page break...

Here are the inserts and cool stuff from the Topps HD box... no hits, but some great looking inserts for sure!!!

 The Bagwell is a refractor parallel... I really like this 20/20 insert set!

Here are the base parallels, SP's and Images of Excellence inserts...
The Williams is the foil insert parallel. The Giles is numbered /199!

Congrats, this box was more for the stunning base cards on quality stock and the great looking inserts, so I'm not too bummed about not getting a hit out of it... I guarantee, we have 5 hits left and I can say with certainty that those five are all of different teams (and no Astros or Giants, so I struck out, but that means some of you get the hits!) I'm ok with that, since I kind of kicked butt in the last Dimwit Group Break! I did realize while sorting the cards, somehow the Bazooka didn't yield a single Giants card (my second team...) and was only represented in the box as one panel on a 4-player card (A.J. Pierzynski)... crazy how that works out... alright... tomorrow night, we get some Fleer Game Time!!!

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  1. I really like those 20/20 inserts. I'm definitely glad I got one because I had never seen one before.